Trident Submarine Berthing Maintenance and Dry Dock Facilities | Bangor, Washington

WSP provided detailed master plan and construction coordination for the Trident Submarine Berthing Facility while satisfying ecological goals.

Building a berth with minimal ecological impact.

The project design for the submarine berthing facilities involved reformulating the explosives safety and master plan criteria while satisfying ecological goals. No dredging and minimal disturbance to littoral currents and fish spawning and migration were environmental requirements of this combined dry dock and berthing facility for submarine maintenance. WSP's innovative deep-water location design for both the dry dock and the pile-supported overwater berthing and shop facilities permitted reconfiguration of the facility to greatly minimize ecological impact and to reduce cost by one-third. During planning, the designers considered explosives quantity/distance arcs from upland facilities and from existing and future berths along the waterfront.