Aerial Delivery | United States

The US Transportation Command hired WSP to prepare aerial deliveries at four military bases, freeing up nearly 100 troops for other pressing duties.


  • Charleston, South Carolina, USA
  • Texas, USA
  • Washington, USA


  • U.S. Transportation Command

​WSP aids military airdrop training

Military airdrops can be critical to wartime and humanitarian endeavors around the world.  Four military bases train U.S. forces in airdrops: Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Joint-Base Charleston AFB in South Carolina, Dyess AFB in Texas and Joint Base Louis-McChord in Washington.

There are many demands on U.S forces, including the need to airdrop of food or supplies to troops or for humanitarian relief. Using U.S. Air Force enlisted personnel to prepare and recover airdropped loads for training purposes took time from other pressing duties.

The U.S. Transportation Command hired WSP to handle aerial delivery services at the four military bases. Contracting out this service has freed up nearly 100 troops to perform combat duties or peacetime relief.

WSP’s duties include rigging of airdrop loads, packing of parachutes and the recovery of training loads in drop zones - sometimes under harsh conditions in austere locations.

WSP fulfills the essential need to have the airdrop loads ready for air crew training.  The improvements in operations and cost management under the contract have lowered Air Mobility Command costs for training by almost $2 million.