Utah Transit Authority New Mobility Strategy

WSP USA is working with the Utah Transit Authority to develop an approach to mobile communication that would link multiple forms of transportation and create a seamless traveling experience.



  • Utah, USA


  • Utah Transit Authority

Project Status

  • Ongoing

Engagement with Innovative Mobility

The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) seeks to improve access through engagement with innovative mobility. WSP is creating an Innovative Mobility Strategic Plan to help align UTA’s vision and goals with internal and external opportunities. WSP is also helping UTA develop and pilot a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) program for new and existing transit riders, a micro transit pilot program to improve transit access, and an autonomous vehicle demonstration project in partnership with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT). WSP’s is organizing the project team, writing strategic plans and guidance, reviewing legislation and research, and facilitating coordination among various partners, stakeholders and potential funders. Progress to date includes the following:

Winning the first round of the American Dreams Ideas Challenge, a $10,000 prize to form an implementation plan for the Mobility as a Service project in Salt Lake City. The project, entitled Critical MaaS, is a partnership of Salt Lake City, UDOT, and UTA, with support from various academic and private stakeholders, with the goal of reducing vehicle usage for middle class families in Salt Lake City, and reducing transportation costs while achieving benefits such as increased transit ridership, environmental benefits, and increased connectivity. WSP is coordinating the project development and grant application process across stakeholders, conducting background research and writing white papers, assisting with the business and partnership models, creating a framework and methodology for metrics and evaluation, and pulling together presentation and submission materials for the grant application.

  • Winning the second round of the American Dreams Ideas Challenge, a $30,000 prize to finalize the Critical MaaS plan. WSP is currently engaged in finalizing the details for submission into the final round, for a grant prize of $1 million.
  • Background research and draft of the innovative mobility strategic plan, including internal and external stakeholder coordination.
  • Support in collaborative effort between UTA and UDOT for autonomous vehicle shuttle demonstration projects. WSP has assisted in the background considerations and organization of the overall project, and continues to support the project through safety and operations plans, website development and communications, and evaluation framework and metrics.
  • Ongoing support in micro transit pilot program, including working on the RFP to ensure UTA and regional goals are met.