Western Colorado Well Maintenance

Getting reliable baseline water quality data from hundreds of private wells requires reliable data management, interfacing with landowners, and clear communication.

WSP USA conducts groundwater well data in Weld, Routt and Moffat counties, Colorado, to identify baseline conditions prior to drilling activities and to document any changes that occur in water quality over time.

Since 2012, we have collected hundreds of water samples in the project areas, all collected from domestic water wells, stock water wells, irrigation water wells, springs, ponds and dedicated monitoring wells drilled and installed by WSP. Our innovative water quality database designed in-house specifically for baseline sampling programs keeps sampling activities on schedule, provides data integrity, and automates reporting tasks for a comprehensive, smart and efficient solution.

WSP’s database generates reports which are distributed to our client, landowners and any required governmental agencies providing documentation of baseline conditions and conditions following oil and gas production well drilling activities. The data integrity can be trusted by all stakeholders affected by oil and gas operations to achieve compliance and allow operations to continue without delay.