Yuba City Courthouse

The new building for Yuba City addresses the complexities of a courthouse program, balancing the need for a modern, secure and safe site with the project goals of maintaining a welcoming, transparent and stress-free user experience. 


  • California, USA


  • Judicial Council of California

Project Status

  • Completed, 2015


  • Ross Drulis Cusenberry

Using Lighting to Connect to Communities

The courthouse's cruciform plan opens the building on all sides. This gave our lighting team an opportunity to develop and enhance the courthouse's relationship between the interior and the surrounding community. 

The building has ample natural light that is augmented by our design. Large public courtyard spaces are integrated into the core of the building with thoughtful illumination patterns. Using forms provided by large overhangs and shading structures, we enhanced the architectural interplay between light and shadow throughout the complex.