Light Rail and Streetcars

WSP USA promotes light rail transit and streetcar projects as an integral part of creating the communities of tomorrow.

Light rail transit (LRT) and streetcar systems have experienced a great resurgence in recent years. As cities look for more flexible, scalable solutions to meet transport demand, LRT and streetcars can be tailored to fit specific needs within a community and provide a sensible investment compared to other mass transit systems.

LRT and streetcars often provide excellent intermodal connectivity and make public transport more accessible, convenient and sustainable. They offer convenient transportation, and are  a powerful catalyst for economic development.

Streetcars, which typically share corridors with cars and buses, help to define the look and feel of many urban communities. Together with our clients—transit agencies, municipal governments and developers—we at WSP promote streetcar projects as an integral part of creating the communities of tomorrow. Our goal is to make their urban environment more attractive to both residents and businesses. 

Teaming with our rail engineers, planners, architects and stakeholder managers, we plan and design well-integrated systems that address the needs of commuters, incorporate sustainability, promote economic development, and add value to the communities in which they operate.


East Side Extension, Los Angeles Metro

WSP Experience and Expertise in LRT

Our teams have played a major role in the development of virtually every LRT system in the U.S., Australia and the UK. We worked on Manchester Metrolink in the UK; the light rail systems in many U.S. cities including Seattle, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Portland, Oregon; the Downtown Dubai Trolley in the UAE, the Eglinton Crosstown LRT program in Canada, and several projects in Stockholm, Sweden, including Tramway City.