Porous Media Storage

Our extensive experience in porous media, including aquifers and depleted reservoirs, includes storage well design (vertical, deviated and horizontal); mechanical integrity tests; well interventions; analysis of field operations; reservoir screening; selection and design of new storage facilities; development of computer simulation models; and design of expansion programs.

Ensuring Asset Integrity

Many of our clients want a strategy to deal with challenges at aging facilities, and they need to be confident that their assets are secure and operating within state and federal regulatory guidelines. WSP was instrumental in the creation of the API RP 1170 standard, and practices the same philosophies found in the API RP 1171 standard. These documents, along with our years of experience and commitment to technical excellence, form an integral framework for our approach to underground storage assets.

Our S.I.M.PL ™ system (storage integrity management plan) was developed as a response to the Aliso Canyon incident in Southern California in 2015. S.I.M.PL is designed to assess the status of current storage assets and supporting information, plan for mitigation options and data gaps, and ultimately comply with local, state and federal regulations on storage. Our program brings subject matter experts in downhole solutions and regulatory compliance. We work with the client to mitigate risk and to develop a comprehensive asset management plan that gives storage operators tools to make intelligent decisions about remediation planning and budgeting.

Specialty Services

In addition, we perform site-specific and regional geological feasibility studies to determine the best location for acid gas injection (AGI) wells. A well is typically located on the facility site, but depending on the geology, it is sometimes more practical to drill nearby and send the acid gas to the wellhead via pipeline. We can assist in the regulatory process with state and local agencies and represent clients at public hearings.

We are a leader in the design, drilling, and completion of these types of underground storage wells. Our designs include multiple downhole safety devices, the use of corrosion resistant alloys, and other wellbore enhancements that regulatory agencies demand for this type of application. The well can be rigorously tested for injection rate and pressure stability prior to commissioning, and data is analyzed by our reservoir engineering experts to make certain that the well is prepared for peak performance. We are also fully prepared to coordinate the mechanical integrity testing process or respond to a well operation emergency as needed.

Our comprehensive services in the use of porous media provide confidence that assets are secure and operating safely. Find out what we can do for you.

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