Salt Caverns

WSP USA is an industry leader in the development of underground storage caverns and related surface facilities in both bedded and domal salt formations. Tapping the storage potential of these formations requires wide-ranging expertise in well permitting, drilling, solution-mining technology, cavern operations and well servicing—all WSP specialties.

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WSP is a pioneer in the design and development of underground salt caverns for storing hydrocarbons and compressed air.

Pioneers in Solution Mining

We provide a full range of solution-mining services, from geological studies through final construction, operation and maintenance. We’ve provided cavern engineering and construction services to the energy industry for more than half a century, and have developed more underground storage capacity than any other company in the U.S.

Our portfolio of projects includes more than 200 salt caverns for both mineral production and the storage of natural gas, natural gas liquids, crude oil, hydrogen and compressed air. In addition, we've provided technical services for the evaluation of numerous salt domes.

Our experts also provide expertise in the design, construction and operation of the complex surface facilities associated with storage caverns, including leaching plants, compressor stations, tank farms, pipelines and bulk liquid terminals.

Delivering Large, Complex Projects

We've worked on many high-profile projects, including design and supervision of construction and commissioning for the original U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) facilities. The first phase of the project involved development of the first 250 million barrels of storage capacity in existing and new caverns. We subsequently provided technical services for later phases of SPR development, with caverns and support facilities being constructed at four locations in Louisiana and Texas, and later provided ongoing technical support to the SPR Program Office, including program planning and design services to expand the reserve’s capacity and maintain rapid-response capabilities.

More recently, we provided EPCM services for a new salt cavern complex in Texas to store natural gas liquids. The project involved drilling five storage cavern wells and six brine disposal wells, designing and constructing a 12,000-horsepower leaching plant and a one-million-barrel brine pond, and solution mining the salt dome caverns—all on a demanding schedule and under challenging site conditions.

Delivering a salt cavern project successfully requires experience, technical skill and the ability to adapt to site conditions—core strengths of WSP. Find out what we can do for you.