Solar Energy

We assist solar energy developers in meeting the challenges they face in planning and executing solar projects, from accurately assessing energy yield, to integrating state-of-the-art product offerings, to developing viable strategies for energy storage.

Comprehensive Technical Support

We manage and perform all aspects of the solar PV power plant design process, providing preliminary design and engineer-of-record services that cover the PV array, electrical balance of system, substation and transmission line, civil and geotechnical engineering, and environmental permitting and approvals.

We have served as owner’s engineer on a wide range of projects, providing specifications, tender adjudication and contract negotiation assistance to developers as they take their projects to financial close. We have also provided due diligence services for solar PV developments across the globe, including technical review of designs, analysis of expected production, assessment of specifications, and reviews of key agreements, permits and approvals. For projects in construction or in the post-commissioning process, we provide review of project performance and operations and maintenance activities.

Energy Yield Analysis

Accurate assessment of the solar resource at a prospective site is critical to a successful solar PV project. We have provided a high standard of energy yield analysis for projects around the world, including an estimate of the annualized energy yield, the total predicted production over the life of the project, the capacity factor, and the performance ratio. As part of our commitment to industry best practices, our analyses provide value-added details such as the comparison of meteorological datasets including satellite-derived, modeled data, and on-site data.

We also provide probability analysis, module layout optimization, and supporting technical data. We provide analyses for various types and sizes of PV projects, from integrated rooftop-mounted systems to utility-scale ground-mounted projects.

We have an in-depth understanding of the uncertainties related to the use of third-party meteorological data sets, including raw reference station data, satellite data, and model-derived data, and we work with various ranges of software and available databases to cross-check the various data sets and validate results.

Our technical expertise and understanding of the issues involved in solar energy development contribute to successful project delivery. Find out what we can do for you.