Population growth, climate change, industrial development and aging water assets impact the availability of this essential resource, and put pressure on conventional water and wastewater technologies and infrastructure.

Added to this pressure are the new realities of adapting to climate change—from vulnerabilities to rising sea levels, severe coastal storms and inland flooding, to severe drought conditions that threaten potable water supplies. Public agencies, owners and operators need long-term solutions, and a means of paying for them.

WSP USA is helping our clients find the right solutions to their challenges through innovative planning and design, deep knowledge of the federal and local regulatory environments, and a unique understanding of the alternative delivery mechanisms available in today’s tough economic climate.

  • Water Supply Reuse
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment and Conveyance
  • Stormwater, Watershed, & Ecosystem Management
  • Mine Water Management
  • Facility and Asset Management
  • Flood Control and Hydraulic Structures
  • Climate Adaptation and Resiliency
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