At WSP, we strive to be a premier, fully integrated water services provider, meeting today’s water resources challenges. We help our clients manage and balance clean and safe water supply; develop resilient water infrastructure systems that adapt to climate variability and extreme natural events; provide for sustainable environments and healthy ecosystems; and integrate smart technologies and innovative solutions to improve program efficiencies.

Full Service Water Solutions Provider

WSP is a full-service provider of water-related consulting services. For water and wastewater systems we provide planning, design and management services for complete water treatment, storage and conveyance, and sanitary sewer collections and treatment systems, as well as system assessment and trenchless pipe rehabilitation and relining. We also provide a full range of infrastructure facilities program support services to help our clients optimize their facilities with sustainable operating and maintenance practices.

Our surface water services include integrated watershed planning and management, stormwater best management practices, green infrastructure planning and design, and ecosystem restoration. We help municipalities and communities across the nation deal with climate uncertainty and extreme weather events, enhancing future resiliency through complex hurricane and hydrologic/hydraulic modeling, flood control design, and green solutions that achieve triple bottom line values. From project conception through design and construction, to commissioning and operations, the WSP team has the resources and depth of expertise to meet client quality requirements and customer service expectations.

Sustainability is Built in To Our Comprehensive Solutions

We understand that water is a valuable and limited resource. Therefore, WSP takes the total water cycle into consideration when engineering solutions. We strive to solve our clients’ most complex water challenges by leveraging our experience and deep understanding of traditional and alternative water supplies to provide integrated, sustainable solutions. Over the past five decades, our clients have relied on us to deliver their most important projects, some of which have received national and international awards. 

WSP works with our clients to preserve, manage and improve water and wastewater infrastructure. As operations and cost are major consideration in sustainable design, we leverage our advisory services experts for their process design knowledge and array of environmental and financial services required to make balanced infrastructure decisions.  

Serving the Spectrum of Public and Private Sector Clients

WSP’s comprehensive water business is equally focused on serving the needs of governmental and municipal clients, and clients in the industrial, oil and gas, manufacturing and technology sectors. We know that our success is based on our clients’ success and we focus on building lasting relationships that enable us to support our clients to realize their long-term goals. Our local teams are part of our global network of experts that collaborate internationally; as such, we assemble the strongest possible teams for each individual project, combining the very best of our global expertise with our detailed local knowledge and understanding. 

Innovative Tools to Increase Efficiency

WSP has been on the forefront of creating new and innovative engineering solutions, integrating state-of-the-art technologies, and continued research and development. We utilize advanced modeling tools, Internet-of-Thing smart technologies, 3-D information and design solutions to deliver water, wastewater/reclaimed water and surface water projects for our clients and the communities we serve. With our global network of water facilities and water resources engineering practitioners, we are able to meet the challenges of today and the future, anywhere. 

Practice Areas

Potable and non-potable water supply planning, including surface water and groundwater sources 
Water treatment, including biological filtration, membrane filtration, nanofiltration, desalination, ozonation and UV disinfection
Transmission and distribution systems design
Water intakes, storage and pump stations
Hydrogeology services, including ASR, deep wells siting, design and construction management 
Water systems asset management

Condition assessment 
Sewershed analysis and planning 
Reclaimed water facilities planning and design 
Wet weather flow/CSO facilities and tunnels
Large and small diameter transmission mains and tunnels
Pipe rehabilitation and trenchless technology
Pumping stations 
Asset management and facility optimization
Construction management and site inspection

Integrated watershed planning and management 
Stormwater best management  practices (BMPs) and controls 
Low impact development (LID) planning and engineering 
Green infrastructure 
Ecosystem assessment and applied fluvial geomorphology 
Stream, river and wetland restoration
Total maximum daily load (TMDL) development and implementation 
Multiple Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) water quality compliance services 
Climate change adaptation and extreme weather resiliency planning
Flood control planning and engineering 
Hydraulic control structures design
Drainage systems planning and design 
Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis and modeling 
Dams, levees and reservoirs

Construction dewatering management, treatment and monitoring
Hydrogeological characterization/groundwater resource assessment
Groundwater and pore pressure modeling
Well siting, design and construction
Groundwater monitoring, dewatering and depressurization
Directionally drilled well design and construction
Drilling Oversight and geologic logging
Hydraulic testing and well installation
Wireline logging (downhole geophysics)
Surface Geophysics