When the public judge a building they do so by judging the facade. However, a facade is not just a pretty face – it’s a crucial element of a successful building that determines both its aesthetics and performance.

Aesthetics and Performance

Facades are becoming increasingly complex as architects are pushing the limits of creativity and coming up with a diverse array of geometrical features. The intricate forms include details such as multi-sloped surfaces, cantilevers, chamfers, lanterns and canopies. Our facade teams have rich experience with complex facade systems for low-rise, high-rise and super-tall buildings, allowing us to provide the best possible advice to developers and architects.

Amounting to around 25% of the overall construction cost, the facade is a potentially high-risk element in successful building delivery. Combined with roofing and other building enclosure systems, it is a critical interface to overall building performance success. As such, facade system comprises a series of interdependent and sometimes conflicting requirements. It must be weather-tight, control the light entering the building, maximize natural daylighting inside the building, as well as minimize heat losses in winter and heat gains in the summer. Similarly, not only must the facade work in conjunction with a building’s HVAC system to provide natural ventilation, but it must also control incoming noise, such as from traffic, and limit noise transmission between floors or rooms.

Building enclosures also need to resist wind, carry their own load, be compatible with the supporting structure, as well as provide blast resistance to pre-agreed limits where required. Moreover, facades play an important role in controlling fire and smoke spread between floors or compartments.

Holistic Approach to Facade Engineering

Our facade practice offers consultancy services to developers, architects, portfolio managers and end users regarding the planning, design, materials procurement, construction, and maintenance of building enclosures. We complement the architectural design team with our deep knowledge in building science and facade materials and systems. We are also adept at commissioning building enclosure systems, staying ahead of the guidelines and standards we helped set for the industry.

Whether we’re working on a new cultural icon for a city or a high-end residential skyscraper, we always use an integrated design approach, in conjunction with fellow professionals from the project team, to create an economically viable solution that ensures the desired image, constructability, durability, comfort, safety and energy-efficiency, as well as future maintenance, repair and renewal.