Contaminated Land Site Investigation and Remediation

WSP USA brings comprehensive regulatory, site characterization, engineering, and turnkey remediation and construction experience to each project, whether it is for cost evaluation, a feasibility study or detailed design.

We manage legacy issues by mitigating the risks posed by historical contamination and land use, we protect current assets through monitoring, management, and updates, and we future-proof to cope with an ever-changing regulatory landscape and climate.

Our teams are positioned with local knowledge and global expertise. This first-hand knowledge provides the experience required to ensure we provide our clients with innovative designs that are not only cost effective but also readily implemented. Our management strategy is different than our competitors. We collect discrete, predictive and actionable data using advanced diagnostics before remedy implementation. Our approach removes iterative cycles of routine data collection and implementation of under-performing and non-performing remedies. Our approach is designed to evaluate remedies in small, controlled and contained ways to allow the best alternative to emerge that fits a business need.

We are also renowned for the strength of our relations with regulators across the U.S. This is built on the creditability of our professional expertise and our practical approach to ensuring a positive outcome for all parties. Many of our clients have benefited from successful site closure due to our pragmatic and innovate approach to existing site conditions.

Our contaminated land and soil remediation services include:

  • Site characterization expertise
  • Award winning remediation excellence
  • Advanced site closure
  • Property redevelopment
  • Construction environmental management (soil, water)
  • Hydrogeology and hydrology
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Construction safety services
  • Risk management services
  • Environmental, health and safety management services