Energy Storage Facility Operations

Our technical expertise and extensive experience make us a strategic partner to support ongoing leaching operations or operation of underground storage facilities. We have a deep understanding of the physical properties of the product to be stored as well as the characteristics of the storage medium. We help our clients solve challenging operational issues and add key assets as needed.

Efficiency and Risk Management

Solution mining for cavern development requires highly specialized operation and maintenance skills. Our clients rely on our expertise to develop a new cavern with the greatest efficiency and the least amount of risk, and our experts have the experience to keep facilities operating safely while reducing costs. We adopt a collaborative approach, communicating regularly and sharing data in daily and weekly reports. Our oversight helps to ensure that assets are developed in a technically sound manner and can be used safely for decades with proper maintenance and care.

Integrated Services

We perform contract operations and maintenance for commercial salt cavern facilities located across the U.S. Our experience in shallow, thin-bedded and thick-bedded salt as well as domal salt cavern design and operation makes us a key partner in managing and operating facilities related to salt production. Contract services include all labor, materials and equipment required to operate and maintain brine production facilities, as well as securing permits and licenses required by regulatory agencies. We also manage preventive maintenance programs of any scale.

Our extensive experience in cavern design, construction and maintenance makes us a preferred partner in the operation of underground storage facilities for all products. Our staff is highly experienced in all phases of product storage as well as operation and maintenance of surface facilities.

Full regulatory compliance is critical to safe and efficient solution mining and storage operations, and contract requirements generally include maintaining facilities within strict regulatory frameworks. Our knowledge of both federal and state regulatory requirements make us an effective and reliable partner for sustaining storage, solution mining and pipeline operations.

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