Energy Surface Facilities

We have more than three decades of experience in natural gas liquid (NGL) storage, transport and transfer. We perform site planning studies, terminal reconfiguration and redevelopment studies, terminal modernization and expansion studies, and feasibility studies for clients worldwide. We also design and manage the construction of trans-loading terminals for crude oil, NGLs and refined products.

Comprehensive Design and Construction Services

Design elements include surface tanks, underground storage caverns, rail lines, truck racks, elevating platforms, pumps and meter systems, scales, manifolds, control rooms, loading arms, grounding equipment and overfill protection, stairs and gangways, terminal automation systems, docks, jetties, fire protection systems and security systems.

We have also designed and constructed numerous brine ponds throughout the Gulf Coast area. Salt caverns are constructed by dissolving salt deposits underground and extracting the brine solution into a holding pond. Brine storage ponds need to be lined to prevent leakage and potential contamination of aquifers, and their construction requires expertise in permitting, erosion and sedimentation control, earthen berm construction, voluminous dirt movement, pond liners, sump pumps, piping, leak detection and degasification systems—all WSP areas of expertise.

In addition, dissolving salt from a subsurface formation requires injection of large amounts of water using high-horsepower pumps. During solution mining or leaching, raw water is injected through the hanging string into the salt formation. Water movement is accomplished through a leaching plant, which consists of two banks of pumps: one for pumping the raw water and another for disposing of brine. We offer extensive experience in the design, construction and operation of these plants.

Energy Development Expertise

The availability of relatively inexpensive natural gas in the Marcellus and Utica Shale Gas Basins is driving a search for new domestic markets, including gas-fired power generation, transportation fuel (CNG and LNG), steel production and steel reduction, chemical manufacturing, fertilizers, marine shipping and oilfield prime movers. Developers are considering moving LNG via truck, train and ship to markets throughout the east coast and Great Lakes region. These projects involve pipelines, gas storage, liquefaction, trans-shipment and re-fueling.
We support small-scale LNG projects with process, mechanical, electrical, structural, civil, instrumentation and automation engineering. Our experience and knowledge support a range of activities, including site selection, permitting, site design, equipment and services procurement, construction management, maintenance and commissioning of LNG facilities in the hundred thousand-gallon-per-day range.

Our experience in energy surface facilities helps clients improve efficiency and manage risk. Find out what we can do for you.