Trends in the broader technology and retail payments sectors offer transit agencies significant opportunities to enhance operations and improve the customer experience by incorporating transformative new fare payment methods and systems. Well executed fare payment/collection systems make transit more sustainable, grow ridership, improve equity, and support seamless, integrated transportation solutions.


Putting Our Experience to Work for You

Robust and flexible fare payment systems responsive to customer preferences, and supported by well-crafted strategies, can streamline and improve the experience of using transit. Fare systems that focus on the customer experience can improve the way that transit systems connect with their customers and catalyze a preference for using public transit services.

Most of WSP’s fare team worked in the public sector at industry-leading transit agencies before joining WSP and intimately understand the challenges faced in delivering this vital public service. The WSP team has decades of experience developing, implementing, and operating fare payment systems. Our professionals are experts in the field and have helped our clients meet their business and technological challenges with proven strategies and practical solutions. The WSP team has performed a broad variety of fare system-related services for small, medium and large agencies and regions throughout North America.

Client and Customer-Focused

We develop a solutions-driven partnership with clients. Our customer-focused approach is about developing pragmatic solutions, not finding problems As a trusted partner to our clients, we focus on customer service excellence based on objective measurement and continuous improvement.

System Agnostic

We are system agnostic. Because we are not a system provider or integrator, we assure unbiased assessment of system capabilities and provide greater transparency on systems issues. Our team is familiar with every major fare payment system integrator and understands how to optimize policies, processes and systems that are flexible, responsive and reliable.


Our team is helping client agencies implement new systems with innovative solutions to today’s complex problems. The team’s broad understanding of new technologies, the latest industry developments, and best practices from around the world enable the most up-to-date solution sets.

Our service areas include:

• Fare System and Technology Strategy
• Concept of Operations / Business Planning
• Technical/Functional Specifications
• Fare Policy and Structure
• Systems Integration and Testing
• System Implementation Oversight
• Data Reporting and Analytics
• Customer Service and Experience
• MaaS
• Mobile Payments
• Regional Interoperability & Integration