Laboratory Planning and Design

Laboratories bridge the worlds of science and research to advance the science of discovery. As the global experts in the planning and design of complex specialty laboratories, we have evolved lab design, creating specialized and unique facilities that are functional, meet stringent technical requirements and improve innovative sciences.

A Focus on Science and Technology

Our expertise is focused in the Science + Technology market sector including Life Sciences, Academic, Healthcare Research, Engineering and Physical, Pharma & Biotech, and Microelectronics. Collaborative engagement with knowledgeable designers, planners, and engineers is essential to create innovative and customized solutions for these unique facilities. Balancing critical technical solutions with functional and design characteristics ensure the facilities will operate safely, effectively, and inspirationally.

We offer a focused range of services:
— Laboratory planning and equipment
— Vivarium planning and equipment
— Biocontainment design (BSL-4, 3Ag, 3, 2)
— Chemical containment facility design
— Biosecurity and biosafety consulting
— Physical security zoning
— Integrated systems engineering
— Incorporate new technologies; imaging, aerobiology, decontamination

Urgent and Compelling Need


Infectious diseases continue their negative impact on people worldwide. Passion for science and solutions has been central to our designs for High Containment BSL-4 lab over the last 30 years. In 2002 the WSP team was selected to design the Rocky Mountain Laboratories Integrated Research Facility under a United States government procurement of “Urgent and Compelling Need”, highlighting the essential nature of these facilities. The principles of science and health protection have been central to WSP’s design of BSL-4 facilities for the Centers for Disease Control and Protection, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Defense in every region of the U.S. demonstrating the national impact our work has had. WSP’s expertise has gained international recognition as evidenced by our continued leadership in the field and the design of these unique facilities in countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Saudi Arabia and India.