Project Development and Finance

When infrastructure development needs exceed funding resources, clients turn to WSP USA. Combining expertise in project planning, finance, economics and operations with a sophisticated knowledge of implementation strategies, our consultants work closely with senior staff at public agencies, companies and communities to evaluate a full range of financial solutions.

Enabling Successful Execution of Projects and Programs

We apply powerful and transparent modeling tools, cogent and clear analysis, and well documented work products for executives, policy boards, lenders, oversight agencies and other stakeholders. A key underpinning of our ability to deliver for clients is the rigor we place on financial modeling, analysis, documentation and reporting. Our finance professionals have been trained in a standardized approach to develop and enhance financial planning tools and models (F1F9 modeling standards). This approach emphasizes precision, transparency and flexibility, thereby providing our clients with tools that encourage collaboration and produce accurate results. Many of our consultants previously served in senior positions within local, state and federal agencies. This gives our team insight into how decisions are made by public entities to develop reports that will be most effective for communicating with policymakers, key stakeholders and the public.

Key products of our analysis include:

  • Infrastructure investment plans that project capital and operating sources and uses of funds, identify funding gaps, evaluate funding options and examine financing approaches
  • Revenue models that estimate future gross and net revenues, routine and periodic costs, and inform pricing policy decisions
  • Dashboard reports that interpret financial, operational and capital data to help our clients visualize a full array of funding, financing, and project delivery options, outcomes, and contingencies to drive effective decision-making

Our capabilities include:

  • Financial planning and feasibility analysis
  • Financing alternatives/options analysis (including public-private partnerships)
  • Financial modeling
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Capital, routine operating and maintenance, and periodic repair and replacement cost analysis
  • Capital planning and programming support
  • Competitive grant funding support
  • Policy evaluation
  • Rates and charges assessments
  • Enterprise and data analytics
  • Data tracking and reporting tools
  • Financial model auditing and training
  • Process improvement and implementation