WSP provides an approach in which safety, security and emergency management meet to mitigate potential hazards.


WSP develops system safety plans and programs for rail security and emergency management, including preliminary hazard analyses, threats and vulnerability assessments, safety and security certification and emergency preparedness and system safety program development and implementation.

Our objective is to cover all bases when it comes to safety and security, which means we offer prevention, protection and, in the occurrence of any event, response and recovery.

Our services include:

  • Strategic risk management
  • Security technology evaluation
  • Risk analytics
  • Crisis management and security operations

For the California High-Speed Rail project, we provided safety and security services in support of the CHSR program, including development and management of the safety and security management plan.

California High-Speed Rail Project

Innovative Solutions for Tunnel Safety

WSP has developed a unique blast design capability through an internal research program. We also participated in the development of the Transportation Research Board's guidelines, “Making Transportation Tunnels Safe and Secure,” and we have worked on the design and retrofit of numerous tunnel structures, such as the Central Subway in San Francisco and the Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing (Eurasia Tunnel).

We provide:

  • 3D coupled Euler-Lagrange nonlinear dynamic models to assess structural dynamic response at any location within the tunnel, shaft and associated structures
  • New theories and practices to evaluate the interactions between explosives, structures and surrounding grounds
  • Procedures to design tunnels under explosion loadings, including vulnerability/risk assessment, development of threat scenarios, risk analysis, sophisticated three-dimensional coupled nonlinear dynamic blast analysis, post-blast analysis, including development of tunnel blast protection measures, and recommendation of system countermeasures

Our approach is responsive to the transportation industry's needs and to regulatory requirements. We strive to help our clients in building safety culture based on knowledge, compliance and constant improvement.