Urban and Community Planning

Urban and community planning guides and empowers public agencies and private developers to shape the built environment and enhance the quality of life in cities, suburbs and rural communities across the world.

With 54% of the world’s population living in cities today – a number that is expected to rise to 66% by 2050 – efficient planning and development has never been more important; the imperative to create livable, resilient, and accessible places grow’s greater; and the need to do more with less is the new paradigm. 

Delivering successful urban and community development projects requires both an understanding of the built environment and the economic, social and political factors that can influence the outcome. At WSP USA, we partner with our clients to create a vision of what is possible—, adapting and developing our infrastructure assets to create connected communities, resilient cities, and great urban places. We support that vision with analyses that promotes a prudent allocation of resources based on a comprehensive set of analytics. We work with our clients to generate latent economic value by repositioning and re-envisioning their infrastructure assets.

WSP creates comprehensive and implementable visions for places and cities through an interdisciplinary practice and at variety of scales to create more livable, accessible and sustainable communities. We incorporate transportation planning and land use policy, engineering and infrastructure, landscape and architectural design, development and market knowledge, economic analysis, and social equity. We work in a highly collaborative environment with a holistic and non‐linear approach to planning that pulls from WSP’s vast technical expertise to help clients to understand project issues earlier in the process.

We are a leading supplier of urban and regional development planning services, with a proven track record working in both the public and private sectors around the world. We have the experience to develop the right plan for existing and new cities, urban extensions, and revitalization efforts. We apply decades of visioning and implementation to our continued efforts to help create and support urban developments and infrastructure investments that can grow, endure the test of time, and build their own reputation for accessibility to create an attractive place where people want to live, work and play.

Our services include: 

  • Adaptive infrastructure
  • Complete streets
  • Comprehensive planning and code development
  • Corridor planning
  • Development feasibility
  • Funding and financing strategies
  • Implementation strategies
  • Landscape architecture
  • Land use planning and permitting
  • Market and real estate analysis
  • Parks and recreation planning and design
  • Project implementation
  • Public engagement and facilitation
  • Resiliency planning
  • Station area and master planning
  • Strategic planning and visioning
  • Transit-oriented development
  • Urban design and placemaking
  • Zoning analysis