Water Resources Management

We help our clients to better understand, assess, manage and mitigate the risks and vulnerability of water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure as well as watershed and ecosystems in light of population growth, urbanization, increase water demands, aging infrastructure and climate change.  

Protecting surface water resources

Population growth and urban development contribute to both increased quantity of stormwater and the amount of pollutants in runoff causing rapid changes in watershed hydrology and ecosystem balance. Effective stormwater management reduces and mitigates the adverse impacts caused by such imbalance.

With a full understanding of stormwater management, pollution control regulations and industry standards, WSP USA delivers stormwater control facility planning, analysis and design, watershed management and planning, green infrastructure (GI) and ecosystem assessment and restoration. We help clients define and respond to stormwater threats and develop management practices that address water quality issues. Our solutions manage and protect surface water resources for the long term in a sustainable way.


Addressing water challenges with innovative planning and design

Climate uncertainties have altered both precipitation and coastal storm surge, in frequency and intensity. Consequently, the flood risk to communities is likely to increase dramatically across the U.S. Our water resources and hydraulic specialists are experienced with a variety of flood control and conveyance facilities including levees, dams, canals, pump stations, detention basins and impoundments, and intake, flow diversion and outlet structures. We utilize our in-depth hydrologic and hydraulic engineering knowledge and apply our extensive experience to assist municipalities in safeguarding their communities and preventing loss of life and property.

Additionally, organizations and communities are increasingly facing the challenges and uncertainties created by climate change. We create resilient systems through the development of integrated engineering, planning and policy solutions. WSP provides vulnerability and risk assessments, hazard planning, and coastal and fresh- water flood protection system design to help clients better prepare for the future.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • environmental resources assessment
  • water quality monitoring
  • watershed management planning
  • NPDES/TMDL program support
  • low-impact development and green infrastructure
  • fluvial geomorphology
  • river and stream restoration
  • bio-engineering
  • wetlands creation
  • highway drainage
  • bridge hydraulic and scour analysis
  • shoreline protection and coastal engineering.
  • flood risk assessment
  • complex coastal and riverine hydrologic and hydraulic modeling
  • planning and design of hydraulic control structures and facilities
  • floodplain analysis and flood forecasting
  • FEMA mapping and CLOMR/LOMR preparation
  • vulnerability assessments and hazard planning
  • climate adaptive engineering and asset management
  • post-extreme event recovery projects
  • development of capital improvement plans