We foster collaboration in everything we do

At WSP, our professionals form unique international networks and understand that great achievements and excellent client care come from collaboration.

“We are working with planners to build tomorrow’s future-ready cities and we need to ensure we collaborate to integrate best practices in placemaking, mobility, sustainability and technology,” says Tom Smith, Global Director, Property and Buildings.

For him, collaboration and knowledge sharing are key to creating and delivering the best outcomes for our built environment. “At the end of the day, we all look for projects where the thought process and execution have been flawless. For this to happen, collaboration is essential at local, regional and global levels across all sectors.”

Our clients expect us to leverage our global expertise, capability and geographical footprint. We are committed to making this happen through our many practice area networks and sharing culture.

WSP has the capacity to oversee and manage complex projects and large global programs and this all comes down to the quality of our people and their passion for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Here are some projects where collaboration was essential.

Vasjon Project

Väsjön Urban Development Project

As General Consultant for the municipality of Sollentuna, WSP is working on an exciting sustainable neighbourhood in Väsjön, Stockholm.

The development involves the construction of approximately 4,400 new homes, schools, parks, squares, a skiing centre, open waterways, and public transport by cable-car between Väsjön square and Häggvik train station.

Closely working with internal and external teams is essential for the planning, design and implementation of this large-scale project. We have created virtual models of Väsjön to simplify collaboration and facilitate communication with the public.

Calling on experts from seven offices in Sweden, WSP is responsible for design documentation from the early program phase to construction.

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Burgenstock Resort

Bürgenstock Resort

As heating and cooling goes, it would be hard to find a more innovative solution than the system developed for the spectacular Bürgenstock Resort near Lucerne in Switzerland for our client Bürgenstock Hotels AG, Obbürgen. 

Towering 500 metres above Lake Lucerne, this historic hotel village was developed in the second part of the 19th century and is currently being restored to its former glory. Our heating and cooling solution involves pumping water via pressure pipes from a depth of 37 metres in the lake up to the resort. 

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Spadina Subway Extension

Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension

WSP is a member of the Spadina Link Project Managers consortium which provided Project Management services for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). The extension opened in December 2017 and is the first TTC subway network located outside the limits of the City of Toronto. It extends the Spadina subway line by 8.6 kilometres, adding six stations.

We also provided services in design management, permitting and approvals, public relations and subject matter expertise for electrical, structural and mechanical engineering, as well as surveying. 

“Being immersed with such a dedicated team really made this project a success. I now use the extension daily, and I am in awe of the sheer numbers already using it. I can see it has made a positive impact on the lives of those who use it,” says James Varnava, Manager, Program Management Service, Rail and Transit.

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