For many African countries, achieving sustainable economic development and high quality of life for their rapidly urbanising populations can present tough challenges. But through future ready planning, the development of smart cities offers an opportunity to leap frog outdated practices and grow sustainably.

We asked two of our experts in sustainability and urban transportation planning to tell us what they think a Smart African City should look like.

In this series of 4 episodes, Alison Groves (Regional Director, Sustainability Consulting) and Herbert Phahlane (Director, Traffic & Transportation) explore the idea of a smart African city and its opportunities.

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Episode One - Defining a Smart African City
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Episode Two – What Obstacles Need to be Overcome to Kickstart Smart Cities?
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Episode Three - Human-Centric Design is the Foundation of a Smart City
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Episode Four - Sustainable Development as a Stepping Stone to Smart Cities

African Cities for Sustainable Future Start with Building for Resilience

Rapid population growth and urbanisation of African cities will see nearly 350 million new city-dwellers by 2030, and a billion more by 2063. But, how will we get from the current state to that envisioned in the Agenda 2063 - for a united and prosperous Africa? To address this question, experts from WSP in Africa have shared their insights on leveraging the transformative power of urbanisation to seize opportunities and build an impactful legacy for the future of Africa’s cities.

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