Sustainable development in Africa is something we at WSP are passionate about. Watch these videos to learn more. 

We believe that infrastructure and energy are the keys to our continent's growth, and we strive to bring our expertise and passion to bear on every project we work on in these sectors.

Some of our experts recently shared their views on Construction, Rail, and Oil & Gas in interviews with CNBC Africa and Mineweb. You can get to know them through these videos.

Cementing Africa's infrastructure development

According to PwC reports on infrastructure, Nigeria & South Africa account for 68 per cent of all the spending on infrastructural development in the region. Richard Matchett, Divisional Director for Roads in Development, Transport & Infrastructure joined an Invest Africa panel to discuss this topic.

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Unpacking Africa's rail sector

Moving goods and people by rail is the cheapest, most efficient, most reliable way particularly on a continent as vast and underdeveloped as Africa. Vishaal Lutchman, Divisional Director in Development, Transport & Infrastructure joined a second Invest Africa panel to discuss opportunities and challenges in the sector.
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Monetising Africa's gas assets

Monetising Africa's abundant oil and gas reserves holds significant opportunity for the continent's development. Following his presentation at Gas Africa 2015, Malcolme Logie, Technical Director for Environmental Services in Environment & Energy, spoke to Mineweb to explore the possibilities further.
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We aim to bring sustainable solutions to our clients in these sectors, and to make a sustainable impact on our continent's development.