A Fresh Approach to Secure Care

The challenge for providers of secure hospital facilities for patients with serious mental health illnesses is to provide environments that will foster healing and wellbeing without compromising the security measures essential to patient and public safety.

Our healthcare specialists are helping deliver a fresh approach to secure care in forensic hospitals, replacing former prison-like facilities with low-stress clinical environments reflecting the modern therapeutic approach to mental healthcare.

Vitos Clinic, Hadamar, Germany

Having treated forensic patients for almost 40 years, the Vitos Clinic in the small town of Hadamar, Germany, gained a new lease of life in May 2016 with a EUR 40 million rebuild geared to its cutting-edge clinical approach. We provided complete project management services for this brand new facility, which brings together a range of services previously spread between several outdated buildings into a single complex. Keeping the existing hospital operational and running smoothly during a phased construction process while maintaining safety and security was a significant challenge.

Broadmoor Hospital, England

A resourceful approach to phasing and security was also key to our involvement in the redevelopment of Broadmoor hospital, one of three high secure psychiatric hospitals in England. Other achievements for our experts included finding sustainable solutions appropriate to the hospital’s location in Historic Parkland, and the replacement of the hospital’s ageing boiler with a state-of-the-art energy system for a resilient and cost-effective energy supply. 

Long Bay Forensic Hospital, Sydney, Australia

We provided all engineering building services including environmentally sustainable design for a 135-bed forensic hospital at Australia’s Long Bay Correctional Complex.  With a strong emphasis on indoor environmental quality, the design includes chilled beam technology, no recirculation of air, rainwater collection, solar water heating and future capacity for cogeneration. The centre is the largest building in Australia to achieve the Green Star Healthcare sustainability accreditation.

Read more about these and many of our impressive mental healthcare projects in our brochure ‘Designing for the Mind’ on our Healthcare microsite.