Design of the Cosmo City Pedestrian Bridge: Inspired by Nature

The design of the bridge, which is located in Cosmo City, Johannesburg, is derived from the iconic Acacia tree which is symbolic of the African experience. The design statement reads as follows: “Endemic to only Africa, the Acacia speaks of a great continent that is home to its many peoples.” 

Located at the tourist gateway and the great new residential node of Cosmo City, the bridge symbolically links the people with their roots. It was designed to flow in the direction of travel. The walkway and bridge deck curves like a path through the bush, providing pedestrians with an uninterrupted walkway over the traffic below.

The multi-span, structural pedestrian bridge provides for a safer, more convenient pedestrian and cycle crossing between the Cosmo City integrated housing development on the western side of the road and the new Cosmo Mall Shopping Centre on the eastern side of the road.

Cosmo Mall’s developer considers the pedestrian bridge a significant corporate social investment that benefits Cosmo City residents by providing a much safer route to the shopping centre than crossing the busy Malibongwe Road at-grade.

The bridge also creates a new landmark focal point in the area.

WSP undertook this project in full.