WSP’s Design Studio is an initiative by our young engineers who are passionate about design and the built environment. It empowers them to engage with architects and artists of all sizes to create spaces that are at once purposeful and meaningful. Our engineers thrive on challenge, devising innovative solutions that turn complexity into simplicity right from inception.

We have some of the best and brightest young minds in engineering today and Design Studio creates a forum that empowers them to express their creative design skills – building relationships and collaborating with architects and designers to explore innovative concepts and future technologies.


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Since the launch of Design Studio in April 2018, the London Chancery Lane office has been working on a number of exciting projects and competitions. One initiative to engage the Chancery Lane office with the work being done by Design Studio is the introduction of an installation space in the main reception, showcasing work by artists and architects that we are working with.


Currently on display is Canny Uncanny, an exhibition piece by Daykin Marshall Studio, an architectural practice based in London.


The exhibition is an open cabinet of models, materials and samples from their studio, at the centre of which is a digital flick-book of everyday moments, views, encounters and projects collected by the studio. Inspired by those moments of instinctive visual recall - past experiences, places and feelings - ‘Canny Uncanny’ presents images of some of Daykin Marshall’s recent buildings as memory triggers.

Everyone’s recollections are naturally personal, but the awakened feelings are often commonly shared. Such as the form of a doorway or roof, the effect of weather on a material, or perhaps the feeling of sun on your face as you sit in a window. The collective understanding of places and spaces is at the heart of how Daykin Marshall design – making architecture that can be instinctively enjoyed.

“We’re really excited to be hosting Daykin Marshall Studio in our foyer installation space. WSP have been exhibiting a variety of different installations from both architects and artists for a year now and we believe this collaboration is a great way to show what engineering can create.


Canny Uncanny is a representation of everything that goes into creating architecture, it is both visual and tactile, while demonstrating the detail behind every architectural and engineering decision,” says Sarah Hawdon-Earl, WSP engineer.

 The installation is open to the public daily from 10am-5pm Monday to Friday - until the end of March 2019 at WSP House, 70 Chancery Lane LONDON WC2A 1AF.


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