Completed in 2014, the 32 year old building boasts a refreshed façade and a stunning glass atrium.  Situated on 5th avenue, this iconic office building is located in the heart of the Sandton CBD, and forms part of the landmark Sandton City complex 


  • Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa



  • Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
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  • Liberty Holdings / Pareto Ltd

Project Value

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Project Status

  • Completed in 2014


  • 4-Star Green Star rating

The vision for the building, by the client, was for it to be a green building that will ensure optimal access to views and daylights whilst minimising heat losses through the building envelope. The existing 11-storey building was reconfigured by adding a new double glazed façade creating a new full height glazed atrium and lobby linking the two towers.
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Due to the existing building structure, there were space constraints due to existing services and down stand beams in the ceiling. Existing tenants had to be accommodated within the building whilst the existing HVAC Systems were decommissioned and removed. Each tower has nine zones, each with distinctly unique temperature profiles. The totally new façade added extra floor area to the existing office footprint and a full height atrium was added to the building.

Existing tenants were provided with temporary air-conditioning whilst the existing HVAC system was decommissioned and removed.


Completed as scheduled, the building’s glass façade makes it one of the most eye-catching buildings in Sandton. 

The suspended glass atrium is a first in South Africa.

The air cooled Ammonia chiller installed is the second of its kind in South Africa.

The building is 4-Star Green Star rated and received the Best Quality Submission Award from the Green Building Council of SA in 2014.