Langham Hotel Tower, East Dalian

The Dalian East Harbour is a residential development in the rapidly expanding city of Dalian, a popular tourist destination in northeast China.


  • Dalian, Liaoning, China


  • The Great Eagle Development and Project Management Ltd

Project Status

  • Under construction

The development will stretch across six high-rise blocks and its focal point will be a 74-storey, 300-m mega-tower that will host a five-star Langham Hotel, surrounded by five other luxury apartment towers ranging from 61 to 200 m.

Our US high-rise specialists provided concept and schematic design for the structure of the 300 m+ Mega Tower, working closely with WSP’s team in Greater China who is responsible for building services, civil, structural, facade, traffic and BMU (Building Maintenance Unit) engineering services for the project, including construction documentation.

The client wanted maximum flexibility which meant WSP’s integrated team of specialists had to respond to a fast-moving design, with the architecture being constantly refined throughout the design process to provide the client with the most economical and flexible configuration.

The aspect ratios are very high for the mega tower, as well as for its neighbours, B and C towers, which are all very slender. In addition, WSP developed innovative solutions for unique features such as a 9-m cantilever box at the 42nd floor where an atrium has been designed to increase light and space within the mega tower. As a result of this design, a vertical vibration investigation was required as this area is in Seismic Group 1 and structures have to be designed with a Seismic Fortification Intensity of 7.

The building is facing the ocean, so a very high wind load is expected. On the upper floors, there are high-end apartments so there are stringent criteria for vibration levels and wind excitation. WSP worked hard with the wind engineering consultant to identify top-floor acceleration from wind tapping to ensure the comfort of occupants of the upper floors.

Existing ground geology is also complex, with a highly fractured rock profile underneath and a high ground water level.

The collaboration of WSP colleagues in China and the US has been enormously beneficial, with information and data being shared between the offices, optimizing communication and making the project more efficient.