The Nobelia Office Tower building  sets benchmark in sustainable building design in Kgali, Rwanda and the greater Central African region. The building is located within close proximity to commercial, residential, recreational and retail zones, and was constructed on previously developed land to help prevent urban sprawl.   


  • Kigali, Rwanda


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Project Value

  • Project value

Project Status

  • Completed in 2015


  • Six Star Green Star rating

The Nobelia Office Tower in Kigali, Rwanda, will be a 19 storey tower, of which 16 floors will be dedicated to office space. With a total gross floor area of 11 469m2, the building site is on previously developed land, to prevent urban sprawl.  The building is also located within close proximity to commercial, residential, recreational and retail zones. The final assessment for the design of the building is completed, where the project owner is lobbying for funding to go ahead with construction.

WSP’s Green by Design team was appointed to this project based on the company’s expertise and reputation as sustainability consultants, as well as its working relationships within the broader industry. 

The Green Star rating system is generally suited to the South African market and does not take into account the challenges of this type of construction in other regions of Africa.  A local context report had to be produced to ensure that the Green Star rating system was appropriate to Rwanda.

16 16
Gross floor area
11,469m2 11,469m2

Our services

The design phase of the project commenced in 2014 and was completed in October 2015 where WSP Green by Design was involved from conceptualisation through every phase of design - finding ways to be innovative and delivering consultation to the project team around Green Star requirements.  Additionally, the consultants developed a high level strategy for the project team and facilitated the implementation, to ensure quality of services could be maintained.

We provided sustainability consulting and Green Star facilitation services.

  • Sustainability features of Nobelia Office Tower:
  • HVAC: Fresh air dehumidified and provided to Air Handling Units through hollow core slabs. Fresh air supply will exceed 12l/s/person.
  • Electrical: A 430 panel PV installation generating 198 804k Wh/year, Usable Areas have 100% LED fittings.
  • Wet Services: On-site water treatment system resulting in 90% total reduction of water discharge, treating grey and black water.
  • Façade: 100% designed for disassemble, mesh structure to allow plant growth and provide shading. 
  • Waste Management: On site composting facility improving on-site soil, plant growth and biodiversity.


The building was awarded a 6 Star Green Star SA v1 Office rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA). Through teamwork, ingenuity and efficient management the team were able to successfully achieve this extraordinary Green Star rating.

According to Eudes Kayumba, Green Building Council of Rwanda; “We are so impressed with the Six Star Green Star rating of this project that we are aiming to use the design of the Nobelia Office Tower as the benchmark for all future green buildings in Rwanda and the wider Central East African region.”