North South Interconnection System Project

Helping deliver a flexible, integrated solution for water transfer and distribution until 2050


  • Adelaide, South Australia, Australia



  • Water Infrastructure Planning and Engineering
  • Project and Program Controls
  • Asset Management for Water
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  • SA Water

Project Status

  • Completed in 2012

Forward-thinking Water Management

The North South Interconnection System Project (NSISP) is a crucial component of SA Water’s Network Water Security Program, a long-term strategy to deliver a flexible, integrated solution for water transfer and distribution until 2050.

 WaterLink JV, a joint venture between WSP, MWH and Tonkin Consulting, partnered with SA Water to form an Integrated Project Team responsible for concept design, provision of engineering services, and project delivery.

The majority of Adelaide’s (Australia) water resources are located in the southern suburbs with limited ability to transfer this water to the expanding northern suburbs. With the addition of a non-climate dependent source of water through the recently completed desalination plant in Adelaide’s south, the ability to transfer water north was essential to drought proofing the city.

Clapham Pump Station

Ensuring Supply Meets Demand

The NSISP has delivered interconnection of the northern and southern water supply networks, permitting the best use to be made of the existing metropolitan Adelaide distribution network. A series of enhancements to the existing system allow water from the southern network, including the new Adelaide Desalination Plant, to be directed across the entire network. New control systems enable better decision making and maximum and efficient use of resources to meet demand.

The new network-wide operations and management control system uses real-time data. This assists operators to be much more accurate when forecasting demand and completing operational ‘what if’ scenarios. The control system includes a distribution optimization tool, which improves the operation of bulk water transfers and production from water treatment plants. The system’s network status display tool also shows the status and operation of the network in real time.

Award-winning Project

Connecting the two major water supply networks has given SA Water a greater ability to make best use of its water resources, giving certainty about Adelaide’s future water supply.

In October 2012, WSP employee Gary Neave received the Australian Project Director of the Year award from the Australian Institute of Project Management for his role on NSISP. Gary was the SA Water Project Director, on secondment from WSP.

In 2013, the NSISP won the Construction/Engineering Projects >$100,000,000 category at the South Australian division of the Australian Institute of Project Management Awards. Also in Adelaide, the project received a commendation at the Engineers Australia Excellence Awards in the project management category.