Qatar Local Roads and Drainage Program

Overseeing more than 200 road and drainage infrastructure projects across Qatar


  • Qatar


  • Ashghal (State of Qatar’s Public Works Authority)

Project Status

  • Ongoing

National Infrastructure Plan

"Transforming Qatar into an advanced country by 2030” and providing it with “world-class infrastructure” are two of Qatar’s National Vision 2030 goals. Infrastructure readiness and availability is critical as Qatar was selected to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup games. The Local Roads and Drainage Program is fully in line with the country’s aspirations, spanning over five to seven years and implemented in Qatar North, Qatar South, Doha North, Doha South and Doha West.   

Considering the tight delivery schedule, Ashghal relies on a solid and sound framework procurement contract. This translates into significant money and time savings, as a result of an efficient design and construction process while fostering the integration of global best practices with local knowledge.

Acting in our Client’s Best Interests

As the provider of program management consultant (PMC) services to Ashghal, we manage and coordinate:

  • Five general engineering consultants (GECs), each assigned to a specific geographical area, who will design, tender and supervise construction of projects within their assigned area under our supervision
  • Interface between Ashghal and its stakeholders, including Qatar’s Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Municipalities and Urban Planning, Ministry of Interior and Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation 
  • Ashghal’s supply chain for all its projects. The chain is for primary construction materials as well as construction labor


Total area
72,000 HA 72,000 HA
4,000 km 4,000 km
Sewerage pipes
3,400 km 3,400 km

Comprehensive Program Management Services

Our responsibilities include:

  • Preparing the baseline assessment of the overall program scope, objective, schedule and requirements
  • Developing the program management delivery system (PMDS), program management information system (PMIS) and program-wide standards and specifications
  • Assisting in developing a logistics and supply strategy for Ashghal and the construction contractors
  • Initiating new projects based on external and internal stakeholder requirements such as World Cup 2022 needs and prioritizing projects
  • Managing design activities of the GECs including development of design standards and manuals, conducting design reviews, value engineering and peer reviews
  • Managing interfaces with stakeholders including development of a streamlined approval process, escalation process, MoUs and participation in Coordination Committees
  • Managing procurement of construction contracts including the development of bespoke framework construction contracts, tender evaluation and awards
  • Managing construction supervision activities of the GECs including developing CM procedures and handover process, review and approval of payments, completion certificates, site instructions and variations
  • Managing program Health and Safety activities including developing policies, auditing and implementation of zero harm culture
  • Managing program commercial issues including fiscal budget, evaluation of claims and variations
  • Serving on two steering groups (PMC steering group for outsourced contracts and GEC steering group for the Local Roads and Drainage Program) established and chaired by Ashghal to promote a collaborative, transparent and learning environment for the Local Roads and Drainage Program and other outsourced contracts