Stamford Bridge, London

Stamford Bridge has been home to Chelsea Football Club since 1905. The owner has submitted a planning application to construct a new, larger stadium on its historic Stamford Bridge site in London, UK.

A new, expanded stadium within historic site boundaries

The expansion will increase the stadium’s capacity to approximately 60,000. Plans for the new venue also include upgrading the football-related facilities, including the museum and megastore, in addition to providing improved stadium access.

Engineering Stamford Bridge

Our team provided structural engineering for the planning application working with schlaich bergermann partner, the world-leading roof specialist. We also provided civil engineering, transportation and environmental services.

A key challenge is to increase capacity within the confines of the current site, making maximum use of the space. Solutions include building a basement across the majority of the site and removing the existing hotels and a fitness club. Concrete decks over the Network Rail line to the east of the site and London Underground land to the north will create further space for the stadium and pedestrian egress.

levels above ground
5 5
lowering pitch by
5 meters 5 meters
seating capacity
60,000 60,000

Five Levels Above Ground

The stadium will have five levels above ground and an extensive basement. It will feature a three-tier bowl which, along with the concourse areas, will be constructed in concrete. A steel roof clad on the underside extends inwards from the edge of the seating bowl. The pitch is lowered by approximately 5m compared to the existing level, to limit the overall height of the stadium and create space for the additional crowd capacity.