The commercial aerospace industry is growing steadily. With surging demand in emerging markets and the need for lower operating costs in mature markets, airplane orders are staying at high levels year after year.

Almost 15,000 aircraft will be retired over the next 20 years, representing 63 percent of today’s fleet. Consequently, 40 percent of all deliveries (of new aircraft) will support fleet replacement, with the remaining 60 percent representing industry growth.

Innovation is not only expected for new materials, engines or aircraft platforms, but also in production in order to deal with the increase in demand and in maintenance operations and to improve productivity and shorten immobilization periods.

The defense industry is, for its part, seeing an important shift in the way business is done, even though global demand is stable. The market is moving to new countries and requires that suppliers work with local industrial partners and make direct in-country investments.  

Effective Solutions in a Fast Evolving Market

WSP has a great amount of experience in aerospace. This allows us to stay ahead of market changes and be ready to answer client requirements.
We have established long-lasting relationships with manufacturers, such as Airbus and Safran, as well as various airlines and providers of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services. We offer a comprehensive range of services to the industry:

  • Designing and managing a final assembly line project
  • Reducing maintenance equipment turnaround times
  • Designing paint hangars to accommodate different aircraft models

Aerospace Expertise in All Markets

We help our clients from the initial planning and design, to project and construction management. Our worldwide network of offices enables us to define the most efficient project strategy in the local context.

WSP has been working for years with STTS, a world leader in aircraft painting, refining the design of each new facility to improve operating efficiency, while adapting the construction scheme to the local market.

Our expertise in A380 hangars goes from an Airbus final assembly line in Toulouse to major maintenance and painting facilities for airlines like Emirates or Etihad and for MRO specialized companies. Our project experience covers a wide range of building types, including:

  • Aircraft components and engine manufacturing plants, final assembly lines
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul hangars (MRO)
  • Paint hangars
  • Military infrastructure and bases
  • Composite production and R&D laboratories

Engineering and managing Providenciales International Airport expansion and redevelopment, in Turks and Caicos

Addressing Increasing Demand for Cargo Buildings

How we make and distribute goods has drastically changed over the years, and today, the different stages of production are increasingly integrated. This has led to a sharp rise in demand for air cargo transportation.
Working with cargo-handling specialists at major airports worldwide, WSP helps airlines and air-cargo terminal operators with solutions that meet their requirements. We optimize building design to deliver any cargo building requested, whether conventional, high-bay, refrigerated or fully automated.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Facilities

As airlines seek to maximize the use of their aircraft fleets around the world, the role of MRO facilities is increasingly important because they are more than just working spaces. MRO facilities are part of a complex system that provides services for aircraft engines, airplane components, avionics, airframes and line maintenance.
WSP develops maintenance facilities for aircraft of any size, such as the Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies (ADAT) project at Abu Dhabi International Airport. There, we helped fulfill the long-term goal of enhancing its maintenance base, while developing short-term projects such as the new Airbus A380-capable, three-bay hangar.
Our structured and strong project management skills, and advanced technical expertise enable us to contribute to any global project.