Passenger and recreational marine spaces include facilities for ferry docking, cruise departures and arrivals, as well as marinas and pleasure crafting.

Increased investment in commercial waterside developments showcases how the modern-day maritime sector is an important driver of local and global economic growth. Recreational use of the marine space needs to be carefully managed to avoid conflict with commercial and military operations. This requires an understanding of the drivers, requirements and limitations of all sectors involved.

Cruise Terminals and Infrastructure

Our in-depth involvement with the cruise sector has given us a wide appreciation of the requirements for terminals. On one hand, embarkation ports require facilities to process passengers, their luggage and vessel provisioning, whereas port-of-call facilities are more modest in scope because arriving passengers are only transported to tourist destinations on shore. We are ideally positioned to serve both port authorities and private cruise operators in the development of wharves, jetties, shore protection and landside facilities required for this industry.


Ferry Terminal

Ferries can not only move local commuters and tourists from one location to the other, but freight as well, relieving road and rail congestion while providing a more sustainable substitute with recent movements towards alternative fueled ferries. We are well equipped to assist our clients in evaluating ferry service strategies, evaluating existing conditions and life of landside assets, as well as improving existing and developing new facilities.


Water sport and related water-based recreational activities demand the development of appropriate infrastructure for providing access to water and the protective environments needed for mooring and boat storage. We understand the waterfront environment and have operated within this multi-disciplinary commercial environment for decades. Of critical importance is the integration of architectural concepts into practical engineering design while maintaining the design intent and client vision.

Passenger Terminals

We design for Ro-Ro and fixed-ramp vehicular access solutions as well as all types of quayside and port buildings and facilities. Designing ship-to-shore access systems to suit a wide arrangement of vessels is one of our core services, thereby enabling multiple operators to utilise single or multiple berths. Our maritime staff are experienced in all types of mooring and fendering systems for Ro-Ro and passenger vessels including quay-mounted as well as dolphin-mounted bollards and fendering.