In dealing with the impact of site contamination and land remediation, governments, local authorities and organisations are increasingly focusing on social, environmental and commercial solutions that support human health and the environment. 

WSP has an established record of accomplishment in providing advice and certainty to clients locally and internationally, covering a diverse range of sectors, relating to soil and groundwater contamination issues, as well as geotechnical solutions.

We conduct site investigations to identify and manage risks, plan, implement and audit necessary remediation works to protect our clients from a legal, cost and balance sheet liability perspective as well as possible threats to their reputation. Further, we undertake a range of geotechnical investigations and appraisals to ensure appropriate engineering solutions are adopted.

Contaminated land carries uncertainty, financial risk and potentially substantial liability for all stakeholders involved in site management, sale and (re)development. We work closely with our clients to reduce these risks, build trust and provide complete reassurance.

We are capable of implementing projects from site assessment and investigation phases through detailed risk assessment, remediation and ongoing monitoring to regulatory compliance and sign-off.  

Our global reputation for combining practicality, innovation and experience with an understanding of commercial, institutional, legal and technical demands means our clients receive excellence as standard in all our solutions.

Our approach is based on a strong understanding of the key drivers affecting petrochemical, industrial, mining, corporate, infrastructure, property and development businesses, and includes:  

  • Contaminated Land Liability and Risk Assessment
  • Geochemistry and Fate/Transport Modelling
  • Remediation and Validation
  • Rehabilitation Planning
  • Toxicology
  • Ground Gas Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Land Capability Assessment
  • Geotechnical Investigation

Groundwater and hydrogeology

We have helped clients around the world to efficiently sell or purchase sites, gain planning permissions, and avoid costly time delays and redesigns by quickly characterising on-site water conditions. Our expert hydrogeologists can design tailored solutions to protect water quality and security, characterise and abate groundwater contamination, and identify and plan around the presence of shallow groundwater and springs or abstractions to optimise land use and value.

From Project Concept to Completion

From project concept to completion and beyond, we have the scale and expertise to work with clients on large complex areas of contaminated lands and small legacy sites. Whether planning a change of use for a site or rehabilitating a brownfield site, we can evaluate ground constraints, opportunities, and sustainability considerations. We place great importance on understanding our clients’ businesses and challenges, while taking a pragmatic and balanced approach to ensure our solutions deliver long-term commercial, environmental and economic success.