WSP has experience in a wide range of refrigeration applications, from large industrial installations to smaller commercial refrigeration projects.

Our expertise covers ammonia and freon, frozen plants, secondary refrigerant systems, supermarket display cabinet installations as well as complete freezer, cold room and specialist ripening / post-harvest cooling refrigeration systems. 

We have extensive refrigeration project experience throughout South Africa, Africa, the United Kingdom as well as Europe and the Middle East across the food and beverage, retail and mining sectors. 

These projects include: 

  • Fresh and frozen distribution facilities
  • Retail refrigeration installations (including new and refurbished commercial supermarkets)
  • Conditioned pack houses
  • Cold storage
  • Cold and freezer rooms – hotel and leisure industry
  • Banana and Avocado ripening facilities
  • Post-harvest cooling facilities
  • Refrigerated processing plants
  • Controlled atmosphere rooms
  • Conditioned distribution facilities
  • Cellar enclosures (beer) – conditioned and dehumidified
  • Winery cooling


Our expertise

Cilmor (Western Cape) – Cilmor is a 14 000m2 refrigerated facility providing a central distribution hub allowing the client to receive and dispatch perishable products.  The facility consist of 10 000m2 of chilled (1°C) space while the remaining 4 000m2 is kept at -28°C.  The refrigeration system also provides cooling and heating to the surrounding buildings which is used by their HVAC systems

Blueberry packing facility (Western Cape) – Is a packing facility dedicated to efficient packing and forced cooling of blueberries for export.  The system combines latest Freon technology allowing the client to cool his high value product cost effectively and efficiently. 

Dennegeur Controlled Atmosphere Complex (Western Cape) – This ammonia installation situated in the heart of apple country provides the client to ability to cool and store apples.  The controlled atmosphere allows the client to store the product fresher for longer. 

Lusaka Maltings (Lusaka, Zambia) – Was installed and commissioned by WSP during 2015.  This refrigeration system provides chilled water for the steeping process as well as chilled air. Two Germination vessels were also provided with chilled ammonia coolers which cool the barley during Germination.  Steam was also provided for heating along with process water and air.