Salesforce Transit Center showcases leading-edge green design 

WSP supports environmental performance of a San Francisco transit hub, and helps it all work together with a converged network platform, as a smart building.



Melbourne’s metro tunnel fosters use of public transit 

Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel project will foster higher use of sustainable public transit in and out of the core of the city. WSP supports this work in many ways.

Middle-East smart city strategy


Honoring 300 years of Saudi architecture in a destination for today 

A new community in Saudi Arabia, with a traditional mud-brick city at its heart, is better able to welcome visitors and residents, thanks to WSP’s Smart City innovations.

Improve operational excellence

Drive efficiencies. Improve productivity. Improve resource management. Reduce costs. Inform decision making. Uncover operational insights. Manage risk and reputation. Enhance visibility. Facilitate collaboration. Increase speed to market.

We leverage our core engineering and environment expertise to overlay traditional systems with digital, combining to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Helsingborg smart city project


Advanced information tools enhance Helsingborg city life 

The Swedish city of Helsingborg seeks to become a showcase of how information technology can improve energy efficiency, security and sustainability.

Bruce highway


Upgrading the Bruce Highway means smoother traffic 

A vital part of Australia’s highway network is now safer and more efficient due to redesign and upgrade work along the Bruce Highway in Queensland.

Shanghai west bund AI tower


Shanghai West Bund AI Tower enhances user experience 

This new tower in the heart of Shanghai sets a new standard for smart buildings, enhancing the users’ experience and improving operational efficiency.

Expedite decarbonization

Manage ESG data. Support reporting. Meet regulatory requirements. Deliver shareholder value. Deliver on COP26. Race to Net Zero.

We understand your challenges and your responsibilities to the environment, and we know how to get the most out of software tools to achieve your broader objectives. We know how to interpret the data and prioritize actions, which allows you to better derive results. 

City rail link


Verifying embodied carbon reduction on an Auckland rail project 

Reducing the carbon footprint of a major rail project in Auckland New Zealand was a priority – as was verifying results. Here’s how WSP used a “digital twin” to support this.

22 bishopsgate


Reusing existing foundations cuts embodied carbon in London building 

Owners of a new highrise in London had high targets for sustainability. Innovative engineering by WSP, including re-using existing foundations, helped serve this priority.

Esg metrics software


Driving sustainability through ESG metrics software implementation 

A global company needed to track progress and set priorities for improving sustainability. We helped them select, customize, and implement a software platform to achieve this.

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