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Offshore Wind: Achieving Worldwide Potential

How to make the most of this renewable energy resource, accelerate progress toward net zero and support the future green hydrogen supply chain
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Hydrogen in Maritime: Opportunities and Challenges

Exploring how hydrogen and hydrogen hubs at ports can advance the global transition from fossil fuels to clean energy
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Automating ports can put Australia ahead of the pack

With demand for goods increasing, Australia’s ports handle 98% of the nation’s international trade. To realise the full economic benefits, capacity upgrades are needed to cater for projected future trade volumes.
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Designing Net Zero Ports

Applying infrastructure decarbonisation best practice to maritime

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LNG - Looks like the USA is back on top

A Market Outlook on Liquid Natural Gas Production in the USA

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Time for LNG in Europe?

A Market Outlook on Liquid Natural Gas Production in Europe

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Turning the Tide

How do we turn the tide on the mining sector’s “dirty” image and reveal how the mining supply chain and renewables can combine to limit global warming to at or below 2°C?

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A Solution for Exporting Grain in the Rain

A closer look at how to eliminate lost time due to rain in grain export terminals 

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Flexibility and Pandemic Proof - Future of Reefer Trade

A look at the future of reefer container trade and how these new units can remain pandemic resistant.

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Beyond Covid-19 in the Maritime Container Industry

Preparing for a successful future means looking beyond the first several months of 2020 while considering the short-term impacts of COVID-19. 


Maritime Navigates COVID-19 Challenges

How ports are advancing resilience to the current situation and to future shocks

Can sailing into the past inspire an autonomous future?

Exploring the increased use of water freight to transport goods efficiently and leave behind logistical and environmental challenges.

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Realising responsibly the ocean’s potential to develop a blue economy

Understanding the role of marine intakes and outfalls:  A look at innovative solutions in support of economic development and water resilience in coastal areas.

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Mapping More Sustainable Cargo Transport Routes

Supporting positive environmental and sustainable developments within the maritime sector.

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Setting a Low Carbon Pathway on the Baltic Rim

This article explores decarbonisation challenges in the ports and shipping industry. 

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The rise of intermodal terminals

Australia is at the forefront of transitioning towards rail-borne freight and intermodal terminals to help meet the future freight needs of our domestic and international supply chains.

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Setting sail for more efficient and greener trade by sea

International shipping companies respond to a higher demand for reefer containerization for greater efficiency, while aligning their fleet renewal with energy savings and carbon reduction requirements.

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Can we create climate-resilient coastlines?

As climate risks intensify, and unforeseen crises like COVID-19 make waves on a global scale, how can we protect this critical link in our supply chain?

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Maritime Infrastructure Decision-Making Amid Changing Wave Climates

Foreseeing patterns to manage uncertainty and shape plans to build resilience at ports and along coastlines 
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From Data To Decisions

A case study on how asking the right questions helped a port transform their use of asset data
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