Can we predict health impacts in a changing climate?

Assessing risks to public health is a critical preparation before any environmental project begins – especially in a changing climate. Here’s how health impact assessments can help identify and protect against unintended consequences.
In 2013, mass flooding impacted residence of Calgary, Alberta.
100,000 100,000
In 2016, residents in Fort McMurray, Alberta were displaced from wildfire.
88,000 88,000
In 2014, Assiniboine River's flood caused significant property damage in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
$1 Billion $1 Billion
Approximate deaths in Quebec resulting from extreme heat in 2010.
280 280
People evacuated from La Ronge, Saskatchewan in 2014 from wildfires.
13,000 13,000
In 2014, Yellowknife loses its summer. Approximate days covered in smoke.
122 122