Weathering steel cladding was used on the Ironbank building to provide a durable, low maintenance, and aesthetically appealing solution. Credit: Richard Barclay of WSP.

Waitaki’s eye-catching twin steel bridges under construction in 2014. Credit: John Bissett, Fairfax NZ.

Auckland Harbour Bridge is an example of a structure that will go beyond its original 100-year design life. Credit: Richard Barclay of WSP.

Red hot coil! BlueScope Australia is looking at manufacturing zero carbon steel in Australia. Credit: NZ Steel Ltd.
You don’t always have to go big, just simply tweaking here and there contributes to reducing the embodied carbon of a structure. Individually, these changes may appear minuscule, but compound these and up to 50% carbon savings can be achieved.
Raed El Sarraf Technical Principal for Materials and Corrosion

Raed El Sarraf
Technical Principal - Asset Integrity Management
New Zealand
Rowan Dixon
Principal Professional Sustainability and Resilience
New Zealand