22 Bishopsgate

Ingenious engineering by WSP has put the tallest City of London tower on the road to net zero

lower than LETI’s 2020 target
2% 2%
lower than LETI’s business-as-usual benchmark
41% 41%
total embodied carbon
591 kgCO2e/m² 591 kgCO2e/m²
22 Bishopsgate shows that we need creative thinking and innovative approaches to the way we design and build, to make net zero a reality. And we are already on the path to achieving it.
Diego Padilla Philipps Associate Director, WSP
of existing basement reused
50% 50%
of existing foundations reused
100% 100%
more lettable area
30% 30%
If you supply people with information, they become part of the process. You can’t expect people to become aware of their energy usage or help reduce it unless you give them this information
James McAllister Smart Places Analyst, WSP