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We have a wealth of opportunities available across our regions. To find a vacancy that meets your aspirations use the search function below. If you can't find anything suitable, but are interested in working for us in the future, then please make a speculative application - to find out more go to 'how to apply'. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Title City Closing Date
Structural Engineer Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Tianjin, NA 2022/12/11
交通运输规划助理工程师 Beijing,Shanghai,Shenzhen, NA 2022/12/11
驻地机电经理 Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, NA 2022/12/11
Senior Facade Engineer Shanghai, Shenzhen, China 2022/12/11
Senior BD Manager Shanghai, NA 2022/12/11
Associate Director, Infrastructure, Beijing/China Based Beijing, NA 2022/12/11
Project Engineer(ELV) Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Chongqing, NA 2022/12/11
Project Engineer(PDFS) Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Chongqing, NA 2022/12/11
Resident Design Manager Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Shenzhen, NA 2022/12/11
Project Engineer(EL) Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Chongqing, NA 2022/12/11
Project Contract Manager Beijing,Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, NA 2022/12/11
Resident Building Services Engineer,Shanghai Shanghai, China 2022/12/11
驻地土建经理 Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, NA 2022/12/11
驻地工程师(机电) Shenzhen, NA 2022/12/11
Project Manager Shanghai, China 2022/12/11
项目经理 Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, NA 2022/12/11
幕墙高级工程师/工程师 Beijing,Shenzhen, NA 2022/12/11
强电高级工程师/工程师 Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Chengdu, China 2022/12/11
Senior Engineer / Engineer (Infrastructure) Beijing,Shenzhen, NA 2022/12/11
智能化工程师(智慧空间) Shanghai, NA 2022/12/11