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What if we can devise mobility solutions that put the customer at the forefront, using digital innovations to create roads that are safer, more efficient and ready for the future? Find out how WSP is leading the change and revolutionising the way we connect people. 

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Sleep tight drive right: how tiredness affects driver safety

Read the latest article in Rachael Quinn’s ‘Only Human’ series that explores how tiredness affects driver safety on the road. 

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Roadside Telecommunications: maximising benefit and value

Read how WSP has supported Highways England with the operation, maintenance and development of the NRTS service. 

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Back to the future... of mobility

As transport technology evolves, it’s important to focus on what we can do today with the future in mind while also drawing upon lessons of the past to give us the best outcomes moving forward. 

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Can intelligent transport systems drive UK's economy?

WSP's Matthew Lugg shares his view on how innovation and collaboration will future-proof the road network. 

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Innovative software transforms CCTV highway placement

Read how innovative software can help determine optimal CCTV camera placement on motorways to improve safety and efficiency. 

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Why combat breathing can reduce road accidents

A simple military breathing technique that helps to manage stress could also reduce road rage.

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WSP wins two smart motorways contracts for Highways England

Read how WSP will design and transform these projects into All Lane Running Smart Motorways to support economic growth.

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M62 - the Northern Powerhouse's 'missing link'

Read how Highways England and WSP work to create continuity for the M62 with the existing Smart Motorways networks.

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WSP appointed to M62 J10-12 smart motorways scheme

WSP named as a key partner to deliver a two-stage design and build smart motorways contract. 

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Why are roads more complex to construct than cars?

Read how Adrian Malone thinks the digital revolution could help reap productivity gains when constructing roads. 
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