reduction in operational carbon emissions from our 2018 baseline
56% 56%
additional social value generated
£22 million £22 million
electricity from certified green energy sources
49% 49%
Payment terms agreed with SMEs supporting public sector contracts through our social value supply chain charter
30 days 30 days
Waste sent to landfill
0 0
Hours of volunteering carried out by our people in 2021
5885 5885

“At WSP in the UK, we know that being a responsible business with a clear purpose matters. It matters to our people and future recruits, to our clients, and to our growth.

We have long been advocating for and championing many of the vital areas ESG embraces – including net-zero, biodiversity, inclusion and diversity, safety, health and wellbeing, and social value creation in the communities where we work.

This is why we’ve put purpose at the heart of our UK Growth Strategy to 2024. We want to look at our progress each year through the lens of ESG, and see the difference we are making.”

Rachel Skinner
UK Director of Government Relations & Corporate Responsibility

"There is a real sense of urgency around the climate crisis and our response to it as a business. In 2020 we made a commitment to halve the carbon footprint of all our designs and advice by 2030 – we wanted to go above and beyond industry standards and what is required of us by the UK Government. 

Everything is changing, from the supply chain and how our contracts and projects run to how our investors, clients, and colleagues are thinking. It’s no longer just the sustainability consultants who are driving this change, everyone is taking responsibility and coordinating their efforts to make the most impact."

Charlotte Downes 
Net Zero Engineer

Climate Transition Plan

Our Climate Transition Plan provides an overview of our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets, our net zero commitment and key strategies we will implement to achieve these targets.

Download the plan

Going Net Zero at WSP

We’re proud to be the first company in our sector to make such ambitious commitments to limit the effects of climate change.

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"Social value is about using every aspect of our business and operations to make a positive difference to the communities we work in. By creating social value, we enrich communities, grow social resilience and change lives for the better. 

Our goal is that social value becomes business norm – we believe we can play a big part in influencing and educating ourselves and industry at large. We see social value generation as the thread that combines so much of the full ESG spectrum – it fosters joined up thinking between parts of the organisation to deliver jointly and create bigger impact."

Emily Binning
Director, Corporate ESG

Volunteering to refurbish playgrounds

As part of our professional design services contract for Lincolnshire County Council’s highways department, our team coordinated and took part in volunteering days to transform play areas.

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UK Diversity & Inclusion strategy

Our new D&I strategy for 2021-24 seeks to build a culture where differences of all kinds are celebrated and valued.

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"Over the last couple of years, we’ve transformed WSP’s UK procurement function – from focusing mainly on the transactional, contracting side of managing suppliers to looking deeply at how we can better serve the business and its overall purpose by integrating ESG. 

Rather than ticking off quick wins, we’ve created a formal ESG procurement programme – this gives us the foundations to partner with stakeholders and embed ESG in procurement across WSP."

Navid Amin
Head of Procurement 

Ethics Integrity

WSP’s Compliance and Ethics Program, which includes our anti-corruption and privacy policies, is a critical component to our success as a world-class professional services firm.

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The Social Value Changemaker

Procurement Program Manager, Mayuri Vyas, is changing mindsets and behaviours through sustainable procurement and social value.

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National Highways' net zero carbon plan

WSP was lead advisor to National Highways in developing and implementing an ambitious roadmap to net zero by 2050.

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Kings College

We’ve converted an under-used post second world war building into an energy-efficient, low-carbon learning and exhibition space – and we’ve done it in the most sustainable manner possible, by retaining 85% of the old structure.

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Making health a priority for UK communities

Health and wellbeing is at the heart of our work with UK local authorities, replacing the decades-old obsession with single-occupancy car movement. 

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Positive & Bold - Change Agents

At WSP, we are agents of change who dare to challenge the status quo and act with purpose to create lasting positive impacts. Our 2021 Global ESG Report is a testament of our commitments.

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