Helping the UK’s communities prosper

As the world around us changes at pace, at WSP we have an unwavering focus on connecting people with places. Whether that’s by planning more efficient local public transport or designing a new school campus, communities and social value are what drives us.

At WSP, we develop pioneering and sustainable solutions that keep our towns, cities and rural communities going today, and in the future. We understand that every place has its own set of unique needs, challenges and potential opportunities. Our people, with their international and UK experience come together to help local authorities navigate the complexities they face to make our places thrive.

The main uniting challenge faced by local authorities across the UK is the need to meet our carbon net-zero targets. We understand the long- and short-term effects that climate change has from a national, regional and even local angle and never hesitate to ensure that environmental resilience is built-in to all of our projects.

Read on to discover more about how we’re making our communities Future Ready.


WSP Changemakers: Deepa Nair

“Some might see social value as the new buzzword replacing corporate social responsibility, and there’s a definite overlap, but it goes much further,” says Deepa Nair, WSP’s Social Value Lead. 

WSP Changemakers: Tim Danson

The circular economy is no new endeavour, but Tim has brought a fresh focus to the many projects he has worked on to help them reach new heights in sustainability and performance.
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WSP Changemakers: Nav Gahonia

Having worked at WSP for 10 years, Nav now leads commissions in Leeds, States of Jersey, and North Yorkshire County Council. Nav is a senior manager in her hometown of Northampton and works on projects that keep people connected.

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WSP Changemakers: Matthew Lugg

Having started his career as a trainee civil engineer to becoming the President of the CIHT, you could say Matthew has seen it all. However, he’d be the first to tell you there’s always more to learn.

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A circular economy: more than net zero

We know that the circular economy makes good sense for our planet, but what business benefits can it unlock too? Watch here to find out more.
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Driven by digital innovation

Our people are embracing value-based delivery methods and are continuously looking for ways to do it better. Find out more here.

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Change Re/action

Future Mobility is about more than transport and technology, it’s about people and places. It is more than movement, it’s also about access to activities and opportunities. It’s not just about the future, it is about the now.

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Offsite manufacture: Roads

Offsite has been around for a while in the roads sector but its full potential is now starting to be realised. Read how we’re using it to reduce cost, provide schedule certainty and overcome technical obstacles.
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Olivia White & Stephen Bray on the rise of social value

WSP’s Olivia White and Steven Bray explore why delivering social value to the communities within which we operate is an essential element of any successful infrastructure project.
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Audrey McIver talks offsite

Audrey McIver talks about using an offsite approach in the delivery of large-scale infrastructure projects and why the benefits of doing so are too significant to ignore.
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Bruce Donaldson talks efficiency

Bruce Donaldson talks about how we embed lean practices in our culture, paving the way for increased productivity and efficiency, and improved delivery for our clients and their customers.
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Adrian Malone talks digital

Adrian Malone talks about how Digital & BIM has moved on and why behaviours and working practices play a key part in passing on the benefits to customers of infrastructure.
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