Property and Buildings, and Industry Graduate Opportunities

We are a world-leading management and technical consultancy for the property sector. We deliver innovative buildings of the highest quality that meet the needs of investors, developers, owners and occupants. 


Join a network of experts

Careers at WSP connect you to a vast array of opportunities. Join a collective of likeminded international experts including engineers, scientists, biologists, project managers, technical and business advisors and more. Leverage each other’s strengths as you contribute to some of the world’s most unique and challenging projects. Build a diverse expertise that benefits your career, your colleagues and our clients.


Be you, and be happy

We want all our people to achieve rewarding careers. At work we celebrate integrity, keep our word, and treat people with respect. We support each other and embrace diversity to create a place where people from every background can come together and do great things. Our Women in Leadership and VIBE, LGBTQ+ employee networks help us promote the right environment for everyone to reach their full potential.  


Enjoy the rewards you deserve

We’ve spent time to consider a great rewards package, which includes 25 days’ annual leave (plus option to buy and sell up to 5 days) employees also have the choice to work bank holidays and add to annual holiday entitlement. 2 x charity days per annum, WSP flexible choices benefits. A 2-year Graduate Development Programme, including funding and mentoring schemes for chartership. You will also receive full support from our unique Professional Growth Network and much more.

Degree backgrounds considered:

  • MEng Mechanical Engineering  
  • MEng Electrical Engineering 
  • BEng or MEng Building Services Engineering  
  • BEng & MEng Energy & Sustainable Engineering 
  • BSc or MSc Building Physics 
  • BSc or MSc Energy Efficiency (Buildings) 

Building services are the systems installed in buildings to make them comfortable, functional, efficient, and safe. We design buildings for people and consult closely with building developers, owners, and users to fully understand the purpose of each building. We create attractive, environmentally responsible, high-performance buildings that are safe, healthy and comfortable for occupants, while being easy to maintain and less costly to run. We ensure that our buildings meet today’s requirements, while having the flexibility to adapt to future needs.  

Degree backgrounds considered:  

  • BSc or MSc Public Health

Working with the Healthcare industry to engineer environments that promote healing and wellbeing. 

We have over 20 years’ experience in buildings services engineering (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) for healthcare facilities and we have designed some of the most complex healthcare systems in the world. In addition to the building systems required for day-to-day operation such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning, water and drainage, lighting, and power, complex healthcare facilities also require specialist systems in area like gas distribution, humidity, and infection control. We help you provide the best indoor atmosphere to maximise comfort for patients and staff. 

Degree backgrounds considered:

  • MSc Smart Buildings 
  • MEng Mechanical or Electrical Engineering 

We recruit Graduates for our SMART Building Services teams. A Smart building connects a diverse set of building service systems, enterprise systems, control interfaces and personal devices. With the strong focus on net zero and sustainability, SMART services deliver future ready buildings for our clients. The IT and telecoms infrastructure specified ensures the building is Future Ready and provides the foundation for any future Smart strategy to be delivered. Throughout the design lifecycle we work closely with colleagues across all disciplines. 

Degree backgrounds considered:

  • MEng Structural Engineering
  • MEng Civil & Structural Engineering 

With world-class engineering skills, technical back up and in-depth knowledge of current design standards, we deliver the best, most resilient and efficient structures for any type of building, anywhere in the world and in the most challenging conditions.

Working with renowned Architects and other design team members, Structural Engineers design buildings and their foundations to withstand forces from usage and environmental effect. Our Structural Engineers drive down the levels of embodied carbon with an efficient design, help balance aesthetics with pragmatism, and steer projects smoothly through third party approval processes. Structural Engineers also play an important role in coordinating the inputs from others, so that multidisciplinary projects run smoothly and deliver the best outcomes. 

Building Specialists forms part of our Property and Buildings business unit and offers a broad range of highly specialised services related to the built environment including vertical transportation, low carbon energy infrastructure, heat networks, cooling networks, energy storage, fire engineering, façade engineering, advanced structural analysis, geotechnical engineering, security consulting, computational fluid dynamics and digital services.

Degree backgrounds considered:

  • MSc Lift Engineering 
  • MEng Mechanical Engineering  
  • MEng Electrical Engineering  

Our Vertical Transportation team work alongside international architects, and engineering design teams to develop vertical lifting strategies for tall and complex buildings. Our designs need to deliver the most appropriate number, size, and speed of lifts for the building, considering specific client and end user needs, local practices, local and international codes, and standards and including energy efficient systems and equipment to assist the drive towards Net Zero. Typical complex buildings include large hospitals, retail and entertainment complexes, tall and very tall commercial buildings, hotels and residential buildings and high-rise mixed-use developments.    
You would be joining an experienced team who work on many prestigious UK and international buildings and would have the opportunity to work alongside some of the best international architectural practices while developing your skills and knowledge of Vertical Transportation engineering. 

Degree backgrounds considered: 

  • BEng/BSc or MEng/MSc Aeronautical Engineering  
  • BEng/BSc or MEng/MSc Chemical Engineering  
  • BEng/BSc or MEng/MSc Energy Engineering  
  • BEng/BSc or MEng/MSc Environmental Engineering  
  • BEng/BSc or MEng/MSc Mechanical Engineering  
  • BEng/BSc or MEng/MSc Renewable Energy  
  • BEng/BSc or MEng/MSc Sustainable Energy  
  • MSc Zero Carbon Futures  

Our Energy Solutions team is at the forefront of the drive to decarbonize the way we heat and cool our buildings, accelerating the planning and delivery of net zero energy infrastructure.  Reducing carbon emissions and embodied energy. This sector is key to delivering a Net Zero future as it is responsible for more than 40% of the UK’s CO2 emissions. WSP are working with the Department for Energy Security & Net Zero on projects that support new policy and innovative delivery programmes for heat network zones, research into new low carbon technologies and development of standards for forthcoming regulation. 

Degree backgrounds considered:

  • Fire Engineering  
  • MEng Structural Engineering  
  • MEng Chemical Engineering  
  • MEng Mechanical Engineering  

Our Fire Engineering team is involved in the development of the overall fire strategy for a building, which involves the design of fire protection systems within buildings including means of escape, building layout, smoke control, sprinkler systems, reaction to fire of construction materials, fire brigade access and systems, as well as structural fire protection for traditional and modern methods of construction (timber / modular).  

Degree backgrounds considered:

  • MSc Façade Engineering   
  • MEng Architectural Engineering  
  • MEng Structural Engineering   
  • MEng Environmental Engineering   
  • BSc or MSc Materials Technology   
  • BSc or MSc Sustainability in Built environment  
  • BSc or MSc Digital Design   

Façade Engineering covers the design of building envelopes and encompasses a multitude of skill sets such as structural engineering, environmental design, sustainability, acoustics, fire engineering, materials technology, manufacturing processes, prototype testing and site installation. As a Façade Engineer, you will be working closely with signature architects, developers, and contractors on a broad range of projects from concept through to construction. 
We actively promote the development of each of our teams through experience and continued learning to develop our specialist knowledge and engineering skills in this highly technical field which sets us apart in the industry. 

Degree backgrounds considered:

  • MEng/MSc/PhD Structural Engineering 
  • MEng/MSc/PhD Aeronautical Engineering  
  • MEng/MSc/PhD Mechanical Engineering  

Our Advanced Structural Analysis team is involved in the design of unusual or special structures and the performance-based design of structures subject to extreme events. This includes considerations of blast, fire, earthquakes, progressive collapse, and vibration sources.  It also includes the wind engineering team who look at calculating the effect of buildings on the wind environment and the determination of structural loading from wind on the façade and structure.

Degree backgrounds considered:

  • MEng Civil Engineering 
  • MEng Geotechnical Engineering  

Geotechnics is a civil engineering discipline that is concerned with the characterisation of ground risk, and the design of foundations, retaining walls, underground spaces, and earthworks. 

Unforeseen ground and groundwater conditions can pose significant risks to a project and therefore our geotechnical team plays a key role in any given project.  

Degree backgrounds considered:

  • MEng Civil and Structural Engineering  
  • BSc in Security Risk Management 
  • BSc in Organisational Resilience 
  • BA History & International Relations 
  • BA Politics & International Relations 
  • BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Communications Systems) 
  • MEng Electronic and Communications Engineering 

Security Consulting involves the development of systems and processes installed within buildings and wider public realms to protect the buildings, users, and assets.  

This involves developing holistic security strategies following a risk-based approach, and designing and implementing measures that are proportionate to those risks. This can include threat and risk analysis, blast mitigation, hostile vehicle mitigation, physical and electronic security provisions. 

Degree backgrounds considered: 

  • MEng Architectural Engineering  
  • MEng Structural Engineering  
  • Dip Arch BArch Architecture 
  • MEng Mechanical Engineering 
  • MSc Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Other construction related degrees also considered  

Digital Services lead the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM), information management and visualisation across Property and Buildings. It is where groundbreaking ideas and innovative technologies shape the future of the built environment.  
Our digital team are at the forefront of transforming traditional practices into smart, efficient, and sustainable solutions harnessing the power of BIM, and leveraging the latest digital innovations to revolutionize the way we design, construct, and maintain structures. 

Degree backgrounds considered:

  • BEng/MEng/MSc Mechanical Engineering 
  • BEng/MEng/MSc Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering 
  • BEng/MEng/MSc Building Services Engineering 
  • BEng/MEng/MSc Fire Engineering 
  • BSc/MSc Physics 
  • Other engineering or science-based degrees also considered 

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is the name given to the computational numerical analysis of fluid flows and can therefore be applied anywhere there is movement of liquids or gases. The CFD team supports all areas of the business by carrying out simulations of external wind, fire and smoke, water modelling, internal ventilation, and pollutant dispersion. We work closely with the Wind Engineering, Building Services, Water, and Fire Engineering teams to ensure that performance-based designs work as they should, as well as providing solution optimisation in the pursuit of more efficient buildings and infrastructure.

Degree backgrounds considered:

  • BSc or MSc Construction Management
  • BSc or MSc Project Management
  • BEng or MEng Engineering degree

We provide Project Management where we guide our clients through their project journey from inception to completion. Each project differs along with the services required however, in the main, we deliver the following using various forms of contract including NEC3, NEC4 and JCT Suite: representing Clients throughout the full life cycle of projects, assisting with feasibility studies, option appraisals, cost plans and business cases, working as part of an integrated project management team. Contractor procurement including preparation of contract documents, construction stage project management, monitoring progress against programme, assessing costs for works completed and ensuring quality, working to meet Health and Safety and overall project quality objectives. 

Our Project Managers are experienced professionals with client, design, engineering, contractor and management backgrounds. They bring a blend of acumen that comes from managing and advising on a portfolio of over £3bn of capital expenditure, ranging from small local projects to internationally recognised programmes. They are committed to achieving project success by maintaining a continual focus on cost, schedule, quality, carbon and safety in delivery. Net Zero/ Carbon neutral and ‘Future Ready’ outcomes which are second nature to our team who can reach back to a wide network of technical specialists ready to support our team to resolve the project challenges. 

Degree backgrounds considered: 

  • BSc or MSc Quantity Surveying  
  • BSc or MSc Commercial Management 
  • BSc Building Surveying 

One of our core services is Quantity Surveying/Commercial Management. Each project differs along with the services required however, in the main, we deliver the following using various forms of contract including NEC3, NEC4 and JCT Suite: representing Clients throughout the full life cycle of projects providing cost management services, assisting with feasibility studies, option appraisals, cost plans and business cases, working as part of an integrated project team, cost planning, Contractor procurement including preparation of contract documents, construction stage activities including change control and interim payments, agreeing final accounts and life cycle costing.

Our experienced Commercial Services team use their extensive knowledge of the market and construction industry to provide support to many high-profile clients in evaluating and facilitating the delivery of projects across a broad range of sectors. This includes advice on procurement strategy to balance opportunities and risks against constraints and objectives.

We also deliver Building Surveying services where our experienced Building Surveying team are skilled in providing the full range of client services. They work to compliment client teams and stakeholders, adding value where they can provide: Pre-Acquisition surveys, Dilapidations Surveys, Lifecycle surveys, Reinstatement cost assessments, Building Condition Assessments, Investment Surveys, contract administration, refurbishments and disability adaptions and audits. 

WSP’s Industry experts possess a rich understanding of industrial processes and a unique combination of specialist skills. We combine these with the multidisciplinary expertise required to plan, design, build and operate a new plant, or to optimize production of an existing industrial facility. Our expertise focuses on two key sectors, Pharmaceutical and Life Science and Advanced Chemical Manufacturing, which gives candidates the opportunity to apply a broad skill set or specialism in a technical subject and sector. 

Degree backgrounds considered:

  • MEng MSc Chemical Engineering  
  • MEng Mechanical Engineering 
  • MEng/MSc Process Engineering

Working in the Process Consulting team you would be part of a multidiscipline team to deliver projects for the process industries, the work involved can be at varying stages of the project lifecycle, from Feasibility through FEED, Detailed Design and Construction.  
Our Process team are a key part of the day-to-day delivery of technical consultancy and advice including delivery of Feasibility, Conceptual and Detailed Designs for new or modified assets. We are also involved in the hands-on design work and contribute to the development of client reports and engineering drawings. We are actively involved on a number of projects, and client accounts at any given time.

Degree backgrounds considered:

  • MSc Control & Instrumentation 
  • BEng & MEng Electrical Engineering 
  • BEng & MEng Mechanical or systems 

Working in the Control and Instrumentation team you could be working on a project for a new facility or you could be working on a specific aspect of the control and instrumentation or all of them. We deal with numerous different control and safety systems, specifying all instrumentation, analysers and actuated valves for projects and design of all the installation requirements. 

Our work uses lots of ‘application’ engineering that will be learnt on the job as well as key skills requiring specific industry qualifications for items such as safety systems and hazardous area design. 

Our existing graduates are working on a range of projects, including Catalyst production facilities, Nikel Refinery, various projects for Astra Zeneca and Hydrogen generation and carbon capture.