Volunteering to refurbish playgrounds in Caistor, Lincolnshire

As part of our professional design services contract for Lincolnshire County Council’s highways department, our team coordinated and took part in volunteering days to transform play areas.

It was a pleasure to lead the combined team of WSP, Lincolnshire County Council and Colas colleagues who thoroughly enjoyed transforming the playground equipment for the local community in Caistor. Passers-by were delighted to see bright new colours being applied to the equipment.
Richard Hardesty WSP Commission Manager
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The scheme is an excellent way to bring benefits to a local community that would ordinarily be hard to achieve. Our play areas in Caistor are well used and just brightening and refreshing them does so much for the wellbeing of our residents, and particularly children in this case. The volunteers worked tirelessly throughout the day to complete the project and we and our residents are very grateful for them giving up their time to help our community.
Carl Thomas Caistor Town Council Clerk
I would just like to pass on my thanks to all those who volunteered and made the scheme a success. Without everyone giving up their time it would not have been able to happen. Thank you so much to everyone involved.
County Cllr Tom Smith