We provide digital resilience advisory and assurance for clients operating Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).  
This includes cyber security services for IT and OT (operational technology) infrastructure in support of digital transformation.

Cyber Security is not just about technology, it’s about the people who interact with that technology – we must adopt a human-centric approach.
Betty Helienek Cyber Security Capability Lead

Why do highways need cyber security?

What would happen if a hacker gained control of gantry signs and removed running lanes across the country? Or if the emergency services were fed the wrong information?

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How Tech Cells are keeping WSP’s transport team up to speed with emerging technology

This article explores how our tech cells within our Future Technology Capability initiative enable us to develop our knowledge of particular emerging technologies.

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Can we reboot office buildings as data centers?

In a future of hybrid working and “edge” computing, we will need less city center office space and many more centrally located data centers. Can we convert one into the other?

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