Lighting and Energy Solutions

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Architectural Lighting

Providing design solutions for retail, commercial, hospitality, transport, and urban realm, our lighting specialists produce lighting designs that are fully integrated within the architecture and, create spaces that are beautiful, comfortable, and inspiring.

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Electrical & EV Services

In collaboration with our planning colleagues, we provide comprehensive EV infrastructure consultancy for all highway assets, from design to advisory including all types of lighting engineering, electric vehicle charge points, market trader pillars and traffic signage.

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Environmental Lighting

We offer obtrusive lighting advice to help clients reduce the risk profile of their projects. Considering lighting strategies throughout the design, construction, operation and maintenance stages of a project, we use environmental impact assessments (EIAs) and photometric performance calculations to make informed decisions.

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Local Government

Lighting engineering, design and consultancies aspects for all Local Government Transport Infrastructure including Smart Spaces, Inventory Support, Technical Reports, Street Lighting designs, Environmental surveys, EV charging strategies, Urban Realm Design, Funding support and Travel Hubs.

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Strategic Road Network (SRN)

Connecting the UK’s highways and beyond requires a wealth of knowledge of the Strategic Road Network. Our experts don’t just support our clients from tender, through to design and construction. We provide support post installation to help them realise the full benefits of their end product.

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Technical Excellence

Our industry experts support our clients across the entire spectrum of professional and technical landscape including: policy development, research, smart space infrastructure, and Expert Witness. Alongside this we provide Future Ready strategies to facilitate changes in regulations, standards and good practice.

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Tunnel Lighting

Each project is distinctive, but the underlying requirements are often similar: energy reduction, operational resilience, consideration of human factors. With expertise in lighting, power, control, measurement and inspection, we provide trusted technical advice to a wide variety of tunnel operators.

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