Companies need to find a way to make business relevant for a net zero economy
Karol Gobczynski Head Of Climate & Energy, Ingka Group
Establishing your strategy now will resonate with your current employees, and crucially help you to attract and retain younger professionals in the future
Linda Flink Wredh Future Ready Leader, WSP Sweden
Every business should first examine its carbon impact to the same degree that it scrutinizes its financial performance
Rachel Skinner Executive Director for Transport, WSP UK
We will need to make investments and behavioural changes for which there is no business case, but which are ‘win-lose’ insofar as environmental protection will cost something
Duncan Austin Sustainability Veteran
You have to understand what the constraints are. That understanding dictates legislation and transparent low-carbon pathways that business can plan for and adopt
Dr Rowan Dixon Principal Specialist in Sustainability and Resilience, WSP in New Zealand

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